What Is HVAC Zoning?

HVAC zoning is a vital practice that can help severely reduce energy costs, especially for commercial businesses. Learn more.

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Your All-Inclusive HVAC Replacement Guide

If you own a commercial building, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How long does my air conditioner last?” Use this detailed HVAC replacement guide to answer that question and learn about best practices for replacing your AC units.

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Clean Room Ventilation Systems 101

Without the proper clean room ventilation system, your controlled environment becomes contaminated. How can you improve your clean room’s HVAC?

HVAC Systems for Your Clean Room Design

To run efficiently, your clean room must have low levels of:

  • Pollution
  • Dust and debris
  • Microbes
  • Aerosol particles
  • Chemical vapors

It must also meet the following clean room classifications:

  • Federal Standard 209e
  • ISO 14644-1
  • ICH Q7A

Clean room designs require knowledge of regulations, cleanliness levels, airflow, temperature control, room pressurization, humidity levels, and activities in the clean room. 

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Common Winter HVAC Services and Problems

As summer wanes and we move into fall, it’s time to talk about HVAC tips for winter. The winter months often take a toll on commercial HVAC systems because everyone expects them to keep their buildings warm, but freezing temperatures plus ice and snow can make that more difficult.

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IAQ Energy Solutions to Maximize Your Indoor Air Quality

Sustainability has been at the forefront of many trending HVAC solutions, but what happens when trends point to energy conservation? When it comes to improving indoor air quality (IAQ), maintaining effective IAQ energy solutions for your commercial building is a must.

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How Skyscraper HVAC Works

The more floors a high-rise building has, the more difficult it becomes to maintain a comfortable temperature for each level. Here’s what you need to know about how skyscraper HVAC works and which system is making waves in the industry. 

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Understanding Your HVAC Filter Replacement Options

HVAC filter replacements are essential to keep up with at your commercial facility. If you don’t know how often to change HVAC filters and are going too long between replacements, you are harming indoor air quality and lowering your equipment’s efficiency. 

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COVID-19 and Photocatalytic Oxidation Indoor Air Purification

What is Photocatalytic Oxidation?

The photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process involves combining ultraviolet light irradiation with a titanium dioxide coated filter. Here’s how the titanium dioxide catalyst in an air purifier breaks apart molecules of air pollution:

  1. When UV light shines on the titanium dioxide, electrons are released at its surface.

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How to Ventilate a Room to Slow Viral Spread

A solution to improve ventilation is emerging as an essential part of owning and managing a facility. In the past, many people thought of ventilation as important for industrial facilities and processes almost exclusively.

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HVAC Tips for Winter to Keep Your System Efficient

HVAC inspections, maintenance, and general care are important during all four seasons, of course. However, because winter brings everyone inside for an extended period of time—for more than just relief from hot and humid weather—heating systems are an essential component of residents’ and workers’ wellbeing and productivity.

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Do I Need Emergency HVAC Repair?

The failure of an HVAC system, especially in the height of the summer or winter months, can be a disaster. Whether your employees are expecting to work in a comfortable environment or you are trying to attract customers into a cool or warm store, well-functioning HVAC is essential.

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Commercial Indoor Air Quality, COVID-19, and Your HVAC

Taking all necessary safety precautions for coronavirus includes the basics we all know by now—like washing your hands for 20 seconds, wearing masks and gloves when appropriate, or standing 6 feet apart—but your facility itself can also be part of the solution.

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Three Important HVAC Regulations in NYC

New York City is trying to clean itself up and diminish much of its carbon footprint. In order to do that, a number of local laws have been passed in recent years that transform how large buildings are constructed, maintained, and retrofitted.

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Refrigerant Phase Out

React HVAC follows all R22 refrigerant phase out regulations and guidelines.
What is the R22 phase out?

React Technical takes our environment and the safety of the buildings we maintain very seriously.

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Indoor Air Quality

Is the air you breathe safe? Let React HVAC freshen up your workspace. 
Don’t let poor air quality compromise your productivity

Your company should be an inviting, safe place for your entire staff.

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Commercial Facility Operations

How well maintained is your commercial facility? React can give your staff an assist or handle it ourselves.
There is no substitute for thorough facilities maintenance

It may be difficult to do if you are there every work day, but take a moment and picture your building from an outsider’s perspective.

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Preparing for the Seasonal Change

What to Look Out for as You Turn on the Heat

With cooler temperatures sweeping through New York this month, you’ve probably started hearing your heater click on more frequently.

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Your HVAC Company in New York

Finding the right HVAC company in New York can be difficult. With so many options to choose from, you need to make sure that you pick one that can meet all of your needs, whether you need HVAC maintenance, repairs, installation, or retrofitting.

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Commercial HVAC 101: What You Need to Know

A lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure that a facility runs efficiently and keeps occupants comfortable and safe. For example, HVAC systems are a huge part of what keeps the inside of a building at the ideal temperature.

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