If you manage a residential or commercial building in New York City, you can’t risk HVAC problems in the middle of winter. Many people depend on your HVAC system so they can live and work comfortably. If your system fails, you could have many upset tenants on your hands. That’s why it’s best to winterize your AC unit with HVAC fall maintenance. Let’s look at the steps you and your HVAC contractor should take to keep your unit safe during winter.

Maintenance Steps for Winterizing Your HVAC System

Prepare your HVAC system for the winter months by doing the following:

  • Clean and change air filters: Change your air filters once per season to ensure they don’t fill up with dust, dirt, bacteria, or pet dander. Clean filters make your building’s air safe and easy for occupants to breathe.
  • Calibrate and set your thermostats: Calibrate your building’s thermostats to the proper temperatures for the upcoming season. Doing this in the fall prevents them from developing problems during the winter.
  • Check pipes and air dampers: Your HVAC system’s pipes and outside air dampers could freeze during winter if you leave them unchecked. Check them in the fall to see if any of them are at risk of freezing and have the high-risk ones replaced.
  • Have your system balanced: Reach out to your HVAC contractor to schedule a test and balance service. This service ensures your system sends the right amounts of air throughout your building.
  • Check your roof: If you have outdoor units for your HVAC system installed on your roof, check them in the fall. Make sure that they’re protected from being covered in ice during the cold months.
  • Check humidifiers: Look at your humidifiers to make sure they operate correctly. Replace empty IR bulbs or canisters when you find them.
  • Inspect your flue system: Ask your contractor to inspect your flue system for signs of corrosion or system dislocation.
  • Seal gaps in the vents: Gaps in your heating and cooling vents allow hot air to escape and cold outdoor air to enter your building. Sealing the gaps in the fall prevents that problem from occurring once winter hits.

Each of these steps prepares your HVAC system to run well when temperatures drop. Once you and your contractor take these steps, your HVAC system can withstand the ice, snow, and freezing temperatures of an NYC winter.

How To Winterize Your AC Unit

The steps above prepare your entire HVAC system for winter, but here are some steps to winterize your air conditioning unit before you turn it off during cold weather:

  1. Turn off your outdoor unit’s power: This step allows you to clean the unit and the area around it without interfering with the unit’s operations. It also prevents you from getting electrocuted as you clean and winterize the system.
  2. Clean the area around the outdoor unit: Remove any sticks, leaves, or other objects you find around the unit. This makes it easier for you to move around the unit as you clean and inspect it.
  3. Check the unit for damage: Look for any visible damage on the outdoor unit during the summer and fall. If you find any damage, contact your HVAC contractor to schedule repairs.
  4. Check the unit during winter: Check the outdoor unit about once a month during winter. Make sure that ice and snow haven’t covered the unit. If they have, reach out to your HVAC contractor for help.

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Why Does Fall HVAC Maintenance Matter?

Fall HVAC maintenance matters because it prevents your system from breaking down during winter. For example, if your HVAC technician finds system pipes that are at risk of freezing and replaces them during the fall, they won’t have that risk during the winter. Similarly, winterizing your AC unit makes it easier to flip the switch on your air conditioner when the spring arrives. If you don’t touch the AC unit before cold weather arrives, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures could hurt its components and cause it to work harder when you turn it back on in the spring. Your air conditioner experiences fewer problems in the spring when you protect it during the winter.

How Does REACT Industries Help You Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter?

We provide preventative maintenance services to keep your HVAC system running smoothly throughout the year, including fall maintenance to get your system ready for cold temperatures. We check your flue system, change your air filters, winterize your AC unit, and complete all the other tasks listed above. Also, if you have any questions (like “How often do I change my furnace filter in winter?”), we have the answers you’re looking for. We support you throughout the year with our maintenance services, ensuring that your HVAC system runs smoothly during peak demand seasons.

Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter With REACT Industries

If you want your tenants to stay safe and comfortable this winter, contact us to schedule a fall maintenance visit today. We’ll assess your HVAC system to see if it can withstand the winter, then perform all relevant maintenance tasks to make sure your system is fully prepared for cold weather.