OSHA Certifications

React Industries wants to ensure that every project we pursue is done efficiently, cost-effectively, and perhaps more importantly, safely. All of our experienced HVAC Service Technicians have completed the required local Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certifications related to the services performed at your site.

We know how important it is to deliver personalized, exceptional service for your project—that’s why we make sure that every technician is experienced to handle each task safely. We refuse to offer obsolete, outdated service for any project. At a minimum, every technician has completed an OSHA 10-hour certification program. Our teams are provided with requisite up-to-date personal protective equipment and are well-versed in the uses and limitations of that equipment. In addition to that, all React Project and Service Managers and Site Supervisors have all completed an OSHA 30-hour certification program.

Our Safety Management Program

ensures our technicians and team make every ones safety their first priority!

Our Safety Management Program

In addition to constantly re-evaluating our process for optimal results, we also re-evaluate our safety procedures, so they meet every standard within the industry and for your specific project. React’s comprehensive Safety Management Program includes monthly safety training, field supervisor job site audits, technician job safety analyses, and other key risk-assessment strategies. Your HVAC system isn’t the only thing we look to streamline: we audit our procedures with the same, diligent focus that we audit your facility for errors and discrepancies.

If React isn’t constantly evaluating our service for areas of improvement, then we’re not giving your facility the best chance for positive growth. React Industries is constantly participating in self-improvement exercises to hold ourselves accountable. Choose a provider that wants to actively improve and provide superior service—if we remain stagnant and resistant to improvement, then we’re not doing our job.