How To Choose The Right Building Automation System

When’s the last time you updated the control system for your building to ensure optimal function? Benchmarking your building’s operations for quality can lead to discovering areas for improvement and lower operational expenses.

REACT Technical wants to help you find those solutions—we believe that cost-effective solutions and comprehensive building control management are not only possible but accessible with the right tools and experience. With decades of experience in building control design and management, we’re confident that we can identify a system that makes the most sense for your specific facility so you can monitor, analyze, and control your facility all while saving money.

How REACT Helps Choose a System for You

  1. Learn your needsOur consultative approach ensures that the system that is eventually installed—from your BAS control panel to the controls integrated with your existing HVAC—match what your facility actually demands.
  2. Evaluate what systems are available – Not all control systems are the same, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all controls solution. Unlike other contractors, we’ll provide the tools you actually need instead of tacked-on extras.
  3. Stick with the budget – Whether you’re updating controls for a few single-story buildings or an entire high rise, every project has a budget. We offer proposals that are right-sized for your budget.
  4. Install the best system – As a part of our end-to-end solution, we’ll carry you through from conception and design to final installation.



Benefits of Building Management Systems and Energy Saving Automation

There are a number of benefits to building automation systems that go beyond automatic temperature and humidity control—for your bottom line, your systems themselves, and even your employees and tenants.

Energy-Efficient Operation – The best way to understand why controls systems are more energy efficient is to imagine a system with only the first, most basic control system—the on and off switch. Back before early control systems, HVAC systems would operate even when unneeded. Today, controls allow your system to independently conserve energy and therefore save you on utility bills.

Longer-Lasting Systems – When mechanical systems aren’t working harder than they need to be, they are bound to last longer. There are a number of ways to ensure efficient operation, and building controls are a major piece of the puzzle. And then there are the times you forget to turn a system down over the holidays or notice that one particular area of your facility is using heating or air conditioning when it doesn’t need to be. Automated controls and mobile solutions fix this issue entirely.

Convenience and Productivity – When your employees or tenants aren’t kept comfortable—one of the main jobs of an HVAC system in the first place—or are forced to get up from their desks every 15 minutes to manually turn an HVAC system on and off, less work is getting done. Automated controls are an important way to correct for this issue.


Building optimization doesn’t have to be a complicated process; REACT Technical wants to simplify your operations and get rid of stress that accompanies the maintenance process. Your building management system should be the least of your worries, and our user-friendly solutions are there to keep you informed and minimize potential issues all while being easily controlled.

Whether it is for fire alarms, indoor air quality, HVAC, water supply, or energy efficiency, REACT wants to provide a clear-cut solution for all of your services. Lower your energy consumption and operating costs today and let REACT Technical find a building control design and management service that pivots your team toward success. Simplify your solution and minimize the frustration. Building optimization is a critical component of streamlining your facility and lowering operating costs. If all of your controls are in one accessible, user-friendly location, half the battle is won. REACT is here to help; don’t waste any more time on outdated, broad operation systems. Find a solution that’s as unique as the facility you operate.