For new buildings undergoing construction, it’s simple to make sure that the HVAC system will fit with the design and structure of the building since both projects are being completed simultaneously. However, for existing buildings looking to have their HVAC retrofitted, this process is much more complex and challenging.

There is a lot to consider when retrofitting an existing building’s HVAC system, specifically adhering to building codes. Current codes and standards today are much more different than those that were in place when existing buildings were originally built. Older facilities’ outdated codes and standards for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and indoor environmental quality no longer work for today’s updated facilities.

What’s the impact of new codes?

The biggest impact of new codes and standards is felt by manufacturers as they adjust their products and services to meet the new efficiency levels. And while there will be a higher initial cost, operating expenses will drop because of energy efficiency initiatives. Beyond that, there are several key impressions that will be made:

  • Building codes/structure – Contractors will need to adjust the designs of floor plans and structural models to ensure they’re adhering to new codes.
  • Differing state by state – Geography, climate, and laws will each affect how facilities in each state comply with codes and standards.
  • Reduced emissions – The Department of Energy estimates that the new standards will reduce carbon pollution by a staggering 885 million metric tons.
  • Building owners must upgradeWhen building owners replace or retrofit their old systems, initial costs will be offset by an average of $3,700.
  • Increase in retrofitting – To meet new codes, building owners will need to replace or retrofit their current system.

Is your building meeting standards?

If you aren’t sure if your facility is up to code, or you think there’s room for improvement in its HVAC efficiency, it’s time to have your HVAC commissioned by Reach Mechanical.

Commissioning is the process of testing your HVAC system to ensure it’s operating optimally and creating a comfortable environment for your building’s occupants. In the testing and commissioning process, we’ll verify that your system and building are meeting all of your future projects’ requirements while providing consulting on your future options of a new or retrofitted HVAC system.

Commissioning by React Mechanical

There are three different types of HVAC commissioning that you can have conducted to ensure your building is up to par:

  • Initial Commissioning – performed during the initial construction of a building or when adding a new HVAC system into an existing building
  • Retro-Commissioning – an inspection that’s performed on an existing HVAC system
  • Re-Commissioning – performed after initial commissioning to reassess the system

You’ll receive several distinct benefits by having your HVAC system regularly tested. You’ll experience more efficient operations and maintenance, leading to lower energy costs. Your building occupants will also notice an improved indoor air quality, without random temperature fluctuations or stuffy air affecting their workflow.  

React Mechanical is your go-to for testing and commissioning of your HVAC systems to ensure you’re in compliance with new codes and operating as efficiently as possible. Contact us today to get your facility inspected!