Mechanical Fabrication

Whether you are designing a new HVAC system for an expanded part of your building or you need a retrofitted part to improve or repair an existing system, the choice of which company you hire to do the work is crucial to getting the best value for your investment.

These designs require;

  • Precise measurements
  • Value-added planning and materials selection
  • Cost-effective logistics
  • Expert computer-aided design
  • Superior fabrication
  • Manufacturing with quality materials

Finally, the installation of the finished machinery must be done efficiently and right the first time to your exact specifications.

In-House Metalwork Fabrication

gives total flexibility for custom or special parts.

High-Quality Fabrication

React Technical has been providing high-quality mechanical manufacture, innovative design implementation, and exceptional engineering services for over 35 years. At React, we work to a supreme standard, we believe in a job being done correctly the first time, and we want to be your go-to company for quality materials in the tri-state area. Our creative and practical team of managers, engineers, and skilled tradesmen work to provide what you need when you need it, and we draw upon a broad range of experience in mechanical construction, planning, project execution, and project management.


Our business is built on long-term relationships not just with customers and clients, but with vendors and industry leaders. This collaboration allows us to deliver the form, fit, and function you require for your custom fabrication needs. Call React Technical when you need a professional mechanical design company who understands your facility and its needs, can efficiently correspond throughout the project and can deliver on time and within budget. Allow us to show you our excellence and call us for a consultation and a detailed work estimate today.