Unearth Potential Issues

When it comes to ensuring everything in your facility is up to the high standards required, no one does a more thorough or professional job than React Mechanical. For your commercial building audits and benchmarking services, React Mechanical provides comprehensive inspections and audits to uncover potential issues with your system and identify where you can improve your facility. The four aspects of your energy systems we can frequently optimize to save you money are:

  1. Implementing variable speed solutions for chillers and other high-demand systems
  2. Updating fans that are correctly sized for demand
  3. Streamlining ductwork and ventilation systems
  4. Adjusting or upgrading controls based on building usage (or by implementing a building automation system)

Beyond these solutions, we analyze every aspect of your heating, cooling, and ventilation system components to determine potential points of energy loss. We’ll help you stop paying more than you should. React Technical uses our decades of experience to test and find cost-effective solutions to reduce your operating costs significantly.

What Are the Benefits of Benchmarking and Energy Audits?

  • Save money by reducing energy consumption. The more effectively you can pinpoint where you’re losing the most money, the easier it is to mitigate heavy energy bills.
  • Mechanical equipment checked for optimal operation. Malfunctioning equipment can endanger your team, drive up monthly costs, and end up costing far more than you had initially budgeted. Saying out in front of the issue can help offset any of those problems.  
  • Fulfill state requirements for large buildings. Compliance and safety standards must be respected or you risk incurring heavy fines and endangering your team. 
  • Improve air quality throughout your facility. Making the right changes when needed can mean all the difference for the performance of your HVAC system. This comes from changing filters and regularly checking to make sure your equipment is performing as needed.
  • Pinpoint and implement money-saving measures. When in doubt, follow the data. Identify key areas for improvement and learn what new processes you can implement that will help you save on your monthly energy bill.
  • Identify systems that could benefit from preventive maintenance. Why wait until it’s too late, when you can solve the problem before it spirals out of control? Auditing and benchmarking can help you uncover issues you didn’t even know existed for your facility. 

    State-of-the-art auditing services

    We run holistic diagnostics to streamline your systems.

    Comprehensive Evaluations

    The energy efficiency of your commercial building is a vital figure to monitor for money savings. If you’re not actively leveraging your HVAC equipment, you could be overpaying for an outdated HVAC system. React Mechanical provides a solution to overcharging and inefficient energy consumption practices. 

    When we conduct an HVAC audit, we work with your facility to identify areas that can be improved. We can then work with you to implement a cost-effective solution that lowers your consumption and provides peace of mind, knowing you’re paying what you should be. After implementing cost-saving measures, we work with your facility management team to optimize your facility operations on a continuing basis.

    Diagnostic Tests

    Our diagnostics tests examine the following variables:

    • Measure temperature
    • Humidity
    • CO2 levels
    • Lighting levels

    We work with you to find a solution as if we were trying to solve a problem for our own facility. Commercial building energy audits don’t have to be a chore. They certainly shouldn’t feel like one. We design our auditing services to provide your business with opportunities for growth. Our open-minded approach to benchmarking leads to solving difficult problems and discovering positive solutions. We’ll even help you track changes over time to measure improvements as your company grows. 

    When it comes to mechanical contracting services, we provide extensive surveys and user-friendly analytics, so you’re aware of any issues, discrepancies, and fair costs. Our team prioritizes clarity and transparency at every step of the auditing process, so your business is prepared for tomorrow.

    Need More Information?

    Removing the mystery from your HVAC system can make all the difference when it comes to improving the safety conditions of your facility, the cost of your energy bill, and optimizing the performance of your current solution. That’s why you need to start collaborating with a provider that knows what it takes to help you get the most out of your HVAC system. At React Mechanical, we work closely with all our clients to make sure they always have access to clean healthy air and a solution that makes sense for their unique facilities.