“Just calling React and talking to the wonderful and talented Leah Levin makes using this company for any of your HVAC needs a pleasant and helpful experience! I wish there were more companies who employed people like Leah! Thank you!”

– Mandi R.

Not only did he troubleshoot and detect today’s issue most swiftly (we had a leak alarm), but he did it with careful and kind concern. He was polite, professional and knowledgeable to a very high degree. He was a pleasure to deal with and was very attentive to the nature of the problem. Please know the treasure you have in this employee for customer service of this caliber is very far and few between.

 – Betsy

Mike is relentless in keeping everyone moving forward, getting the right resources and materials, keeping his own techs fully utilized and immediately addressing every issue as it is identified. This includes getting the other trades to fix their problems promptly. No obfuscation, just make it right. Most appreciated by a CxA. Mike is very effective and a valuable asset for React.

– Roy F.

Hats off to him. He helped us a GREAT deal over the weekend. He always steps up and is the best guy you have in our opinion. Please take good care of him.

– John S.

As I have told you this before, out of all of your tech’s in the past 5 years that I have dealt with, without a doubt, John is amazing. The guy is simply courteous, reliable, diligent, always a super star.

– Chris M.