Data Center HVAC Design

Your data center is an essential piece of your business and it houses vital information that must be kept safe. The air conditioning that keeps your technology in safe, working order, is a critical part of your total HVAC support. React Mechanical is well-versed in the design, implementation, and continued upkeep of your data center HVAC system. We are dedicated to providing excellent products and tools and industry-recognized best practices for maintaining data center cooling systems.

The Importance of Data Center HVAC Maintenance

Data center HVAC requirements are complex. When data centers are exposed to too much heat, servers start to slow down or malfunction. The same thing can happen if rooms get too cold. This is why you need to keep your data center at an ideal temperature. The ideal temperature will depend on the size of your data center and the amount of heat emitted by your technology. Air cooling in your data center, computer room, or technology closet is critical; doing so keeps all of your machines working properly and prevents overheating.

Understanding data center HVAC best practices is critical in ensuring that the continuous heat-producing machines in your data center do not overheat. The following will help prevent the machines in your data center from overheating:

  • Removing All Unnecessary Heat Sources – Since hot air is lighter than cool air, the separation allows for targeted heat removal.
  • Raised Floor – Fans cool equipment and the air is circulated by using CRACs (computer room air conditioners).
  • Liquid Cooling Designs – Using chillers that remove heat and direct it outside with the help of a cooling tower which then transports the chilled liquid to the technology racks to lower their temperature.
  • “Free” Cooling – Heat wheels or fixed-plate heat exchangers transfer the heat made indoors to the outside without contamination of drawing outside air inwards.

These best practices will cool your data center and direct hot air outside, ultimately achieving the optimal, ideal temperature for the machinery in your data center to run efficiently without overheating.

Many Different Options for Data Center HVAC


Data Center HVAC Implementation and Repair

React Mechanical will design the best solution for your data center air conditioning and then successfully implement the best solution. With so many different options for your building, we understand the complexity of deciding which design is best for your business. Walking you through the process step-by-step allows for you to see how every piece will work in connection with one another.

We understand that the information stored in your data center is extremely important. Working with the experienced technicians at React Mechanical, you can rest assured knowing that your data is safe and that your HVAC system is operating efficiently. The continued upkeep and successful running of your data center HVAC is simple when you rely on React Mechanical. [Contact] our team for data center HVAC implementation, repair, or maintenance services today.