What is the R22 phase out?

React Technical takes our environment and the safety of the buildings we maintain very seriously. The governmental refrigerant phase out requires HVAC companies and commercial building owners to be compliant with the EPA regulation that states under Sections 601-607 of the Clean Air Act;

“All Class I and Class II substances used in air-conditioners and refrigeration equipment must be phased out by 2020. The most common HCFC in use today is HCFC-22 or R-22, a refrigerant still used in existing air conditioners and refrigeration equipment.”


New HVAC units, units made before 2010, or retrofitting of older units offer the safety of using non-R22 refrigerant. While these new systems have begun to become more popular, it is essential that buildings and facilities that don’t have the means to replace full systems, still be R22 compliant. Substitutes have been developed to replace the R22 refrigerant;

  • R-410A
  • SUVA 410A®
  • Forane® 410A
  • Puron®

- 2020 -

The year R22 needs to be out of every refrigeration unit in the world.

What Are Your Options?

React is well-versed in understanding which of the new refrigerants will work best for your system and is prepared to help you make the best choice for your building. Whether you are looking to upgrade your system to an EPA regulation model, retrofit your current system, or just make sure you are within the guidelines for the upcoming R22 phase out, React Technical will help you understand all of your options and then be there to guide you in to the best decision for your facility.

React practices and procures are compliant with all Federal and State laws and regulations regarding safe handling, storage, and repair of leaks of ozone-depleting refrigerants and their substitutes according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation 40 CFR Part 82. Our highly-trained technicians are Universal-certified and use only certified recovery equipment.