roof covered in snow with HVAC units on top of it

HVAC inspections, maintenance, and general care are important during all four seasons, of course. However, because winter brings everyone inside for an extended period of time—for more than just relief from hot and humid weather—heating systems are an essential component of residents’ and workers’ wellbeing and productivity.

What Is Unique About HVAC in Winter?

During the milder months like spring and fall, the burden on HVAC systems is noticeably lower. During these months, energy expenses are typically lower and breakdowns are less frequent. Summer brings with it more extreme heat, of course, but people can still generally go outside and accomplish tasks. There is no getting around the fact that well-functioning air conditioning systems are essential for both commercial and residential facilities.

All of that said, winter is a different animal. During the harshest months of winter, very little, if anything, is getting done outside. This puts the level of importance on well-functioning HVAC systems much higher on the hierarchy of facility management importance.

An equipment failure during the spring and fall is an expensive annoyance. During the summer it can cause business disruption and some fairly strong discomfort for residents. During the winter, a failure can be expensive, highly disruptive, and even dangerous. But, failure isn’t the only important risk factor to consider.

Three Major Cold Weather HVAC Concerns

Beyond the outsized risk of equipment failure, winter can bring with it higher energy costs, greater risks associated with poor indoor air quality, and a general lack of productivity when people are not kept warm and comfortable.

Energy-Efficiency – On the coldest days, your system might not be running 24/7 but it will be pretty close to it. Because of the near-constant use, even a small change in the efficiency of your system can have a major impact. However, appropriate design, installation, and maintenance can mean much more than a small change in efficiency. At React, whether you are constructing a brand new facility, retrofitting an older one to comply with NYC environmental laws, or simply practicing preventative maintenance, we’ll be sure to save you significant money through efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality – In the winter, everyone goes inside to seek refuge from the cold. Temperature is not the only thing people should be concerned with, though. Indoor air can actually be as or more polluted than outdoor air. With everyone huddled inside for at least 3 months, there are major health consequences when the air isn’t pure. Changing your filters at appropriate times and ensuring that your units aren’t causing high levels of carbon monoxide in the air is essential. Of course, it is also worth mentioning how a poorly designed HVAC system can be a vector for sickness and infection.

Comfort and Productivity – People can’t work if they’re cold. Whether that work is getting a project done around the house or collaborating with teammates in the workplace, your heating system needs to be functioning properly to ensure comfort and productivity. A helpful component here is the implementation of controls and building automation systems that not only help you maintain proper temperatures and humidity levels but also help you keep an eye on the health of your systems.

Winter HVAC Service Requirements

Have Your System Inspected – You don’t know what you don’t know, but a professional knows what to look out for so that you can have an accurate picture of the state of your system. Most likely, your equipment is okay, and an inspection will ensure you are catching minor issues before they balloon into larger problems. Plus, at React Industries, you can be confident that we aren’t just searching for something to fix to increase your bill. Our goal is to form a partnership that you can rely on such that HVAC issues are a thing of the past.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors – With everyone inside for several months in the winter, combined with furnaces potentially releasing harmful carbon monoxide into the air, it’s particularly important to have your detectors checked in the winter time. It’s recommended that you test these regularly and switch them out for new detectors every five years.

Change Furnace Filters – A dirty and clogged furnace has two consequences for your building. First, decreased airflow caused by blockages lowers the efficiency of your entire system, raising costs and raising the likelihood of failure or future repairs. Second, the quality of your air is inherently lower when passing through a dirty filter. Switching out your filter in preparation for winter is an easy, inexpensive way to improve your entire system.

Hook: Winter brings with it a number of risk factors for your HVAC system, but React Industries can keep your system safe, functional, and efficient.

Preventative Maintenance

Performing maintenance and checking your systems on your own is always a good idea, as is scheduling inspections with the professionals at React Industries. However, the very best way to keep your system running efficiently is through a preventative maintenance agreement.

Beyond keeping your system functional and efficient, a preventative maintenance agreement can provide peace of mind that your system will make it through the extreme months of the year without any issues. Give us a call today to get started!