Why Is Factory Authorized Important?

As a contracted service partner, React works closely with different technical brands to ensure their products are installed, utilized, and maintained properly. Our close relationship with Liebert and Stulz continues to offer us the best training, first looks at new technologies and a partnership that allows for quick turnaround time and manufacturer-backed warranties.

Benefits of Working with A Factory Authorized Partner

Not only do you receive the added safety net of the big-name brand company, but you get close to you service you desire. By building a healthy relationship with our service partners, we pass the benefits on to you;

  • Extensive knowledge of product line – As a factory authorized partner, we get the first look at new technology as well as factory training by the manufacturer. This extra training allows us to help clients with almost any problem as an extension of your systems’ brand.
  • Abundant technical training – Trained by the brand itself, there is no better place to learn about specific machinery than at the factory it was developed. Our team is highly-trained and passes hours of special classes to offer warranted work and superior service.
  • Certified parts and pieces – Off-market parts may be cheaper, but parts developed specifically for your system and built from the same brand will offer you extended wear, additional warranties, and the perfect fit.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – Being backed by a factory means we are the best of the best. Many contractors vie for this position, but it is only given to the best. By our partners trusting us, they are showing that they are proud that we are an extension of their company.

Liebert & Stulz

Recognized as Factory Authorized Partners in Data Center HVAC

Our Contracted Service Partners

We are proud to be partners with Leibert and Stultz and their data room solutions that offer our clients an abundance of options for their data rooms. Know as two of the best cooling companies in the business; we put our trust and expertise in their products.

  • Liebert – Now part of Vertiv, Liebert offers many data cooling cabinets that create a cool system for your hardware and sensitive data. Hundreds of unique options offer us the ability to customize your data room to your specifications.
  • Stulz – In business for over 40 years, Stulz has been implementing new Data Center cooling technology for businesses around the world. Quality certified and continuous additions to new technologies keep us excited about this brand.