What Are The Different Classes Of Buildings?

Many HVAC contractors aren’t qualified to work on Class A buildings because they lack the experience, insurance, and the manpower – but not with React Industries! We have over 35 years of experience working for Class A buildings and their businesses.

Classes Of Buildings

There are three types of buildings that are segmented into different classes to designate square footage, business size, and business type;

  • Class A – Usually newly constructed with new technology and fixtures. Maintained by a reputable property management team, these buildings usually house some of the most well-known business names like Fortune 500 companies. These also tend to be high-rises with high ceilings and large open spaces that need particular attention to heating and cooling.
  • Class B – Typically newer buildings that don’t have the latest equipment. Many buildings are in this middle range with less than four-stories tall. Many Class B buildings start as Class A but after ten years, are downgraded once wear and tear takes place.
  • Class C – With the need for a lot of repairs and upgrades, these buildings are smaller and usually over 20-years old. Location and renovations have a lot to do with the classification as well as square footage. Class C buildings are generally under 1,000 square feet.

Is your high-rise a Class A building?

React Industries has the knowledge and experience to manage all of your HVAC needs!

Class A Buildings’ HVAC

React Industries focuses on Class A buildings because they require a unique type of HVAC maintenance. Understanding how to make a significant environment comfortable as well as avoiding zoning, utilizing building analytics systems, and working with newer, high-tech systems, is something we have extensively trained our team on. If your building is a Class A building with a unique set of HVAC needs or you are building a high-rise in the area, contact us today for the planning, implementation, and maintenance of all of your building systems.