VRF HVAC system

Everyone has heard the phrase, “The sun is the best disinfectant,” but few realize it’s not just a clever saying. Practically speaking, sunlight actually does help clean surfaces and the air itself. UV light emitted by the sun is a main way light can act as a disinfectant, and React Industries can equip your HVAC system with UV lighting to kill pathogens and improve indoor air quality.

UV Light and Coronavirus

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought new importance to concepts like indoor air quality. Although eliminating allergens, dust, and mold from the air was always an important part of a functional HVAC system, being able to decrease the chances of viral or bacterial infection takes indoor air quality to another level.

When UV lights are installed inside the air handlers of your HVAC system AC and heating units, the air is disinfected as it flows inside your facility. It’s long been known that exposure to UV light kills most common pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19).

These lights are left on 24/7 to ensure all air passes through disinfecting light. Why is any of this important? Just remember, we are all trying to get back to work. 1. We need to feel comfortable and confident that all precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of illness, and 2. employers who implement these technologies will see long-term reductions in the use of sick days among their employees. 

In other words, this is a win-win.

What Is a UV Light Air Purifier?

Beyond viruses and bacteria, a number of pathogens and contaminants spread easily through HVAC systems. Fungal contamination, in particular, is a problem that plagues many HVAC units.

UV lights for AC units, in combination with air filters, can eliminate buildup of contaminants within your units and within the air ducts themselves. Aside from the direct benefit for the people actually breathing the air, the reduction in mold and fungal buildup can improve the efficiency of your system, improve airflow, and reduce energy costs.

UV Light for Air Conditioners

Two common types of UV lights are installed inside AC units and HVAC systems in general. The first directly sterilizes moving air as it passes through your system. The second is focused on the coils inside your unit’s air handlers. The first helps eliminate active virus, bacteria, and fungi in the air, while the second eliminates buildup inside your system itself.

When used with other indoor air quality equipment and practices, UV lighting can play a key role in keeping employees and visitors healthy.

Where Can You Get a UV Light Sanitizer?

React Industries has always been focused on providing the HVAC services that keep a facility operational. Now, more than ever, that means designing and installing systems that keep building occupants healthy and comfortable.

It is important that UV lamps are not just installed anywhere in your system. React has the expertise to understand your specific system and each of the units that compose it so you are not wasting energy on misplaced UV lighting. They only work effectively when placed correctly.

Outside of the initial installation, we also ensure your system continues to function as designed for years to come. If you have UV lamps in your system and you are signed to a preventative maintenance agreement with React, we’ll be sure to change the lamps as necessary.

Essentially, what we’re offering is a turnkey solution that almost entirely mitigates concerns about your HVAC system or the air quality inside your facility. Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring all potential issues are caught before they balloon into expensive repair jobs.

So, to recap, the benefits of UV sterilizing lights include a safer, healthier work environment where employees are more comfortable and employers aren’t losing as much productivity to sickness. 

The region around New York City has been perhaps the hardest-hit part of the country during this pandemic, but React Industries is providing the tools building owners need to keep occupants safe. Contact us today and we’ll find a solution for your building as well.