How is your building’s commercial indoor air quality? Many New York businesses have to deal with air quality in high-rise buildings. Fortunately, our team at React Technical provides indoor air quality solutions for New York City businesses in many different types of buildings.

Excellent Indoor Air Quality for Your Facility

Your company should be an inviting, safe place for your entire staff. If you’re not taking proper precautions, your space could become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria, pollen, and dust. That’s why React HVAC provides premium indoor air quality (IAQ) services for your business. Air quality goes beyond heating and air conditioning—proper filtration, duct cleaning, and humidity control systems are all crucial for maintaining a good quality of air and removing negative air pollution before it becomes a serious problem. Poor indoor air quality can lead to health problems for staff members, which can lead to harmful working conditions and decreased productivity. Choose React and be proactive in improving your indoor air quality.

IAQ Systems That Make Sense for Your Space

You might love the great outdoors, but the last thing you want is for outdoor air to taint your building. Don’t waste time with out-of-date HVAC systems that can’t properly take care of indoor air quality problems. React delivers high-quality IAQ systems that keep energy costs low and significantly improve your air quality. Our comprehensive IAQ HVAC services include:

Our IAQ services prevent your building from developing problems with indoor air pollution. We keep fresh air circulating through your heating and cooling systems and your ductwork. 

Check to Find Out if Your Indoor Air Is Clean

Reach out to us to schedule an inspection and learn if your HVAC system produces healthy air for your facility and its occupants.

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Why Does Indoor Air Quality Matter for Your Facility?

Indoor air quality measures how healthy your commercial building’s air is. IAQ determines how healthy and safe your building’s occupants are as they perform their jobs or complete daily tasks. If your facility’s air quality is poor, it has large amounts of mold, dirt, bacteria, and viruses floating around in it. These pollutants can make your employees sick and uncomfortable while they work, which could harm their health and your business operations in the long run. When you prioritize IAQ in your facility, you keep your air clean, which improves your employees’ health and your building’s comfort levels.

What Do We Look For When We Inspect Your Facility’s IAQ?

When we check your facility’s IAQ, we look for evidence of three significant air pollutants:


Different types of mold affect your building’s occupants differently, but few of mold’s effects are good. Mold often causes people to experience breathing problems. Your occupants can become increasingly sensitive to mold with repeated exposure. Black mold in particular can cause health problems when occupants are exposed to it multiple times. We test the air for signs of mold and help you remove it from your system. Once the mold is gone, your building occupants will feel healthier and more comfortable in your facility.


Radon is a radioactive and carcinogenic gas. It’s a naturally occurring element that often gets into buildings’ air through foundations and basements. We can help you detect radon and get it out of your facility to keep your employees and occupants safe.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) include a variety of chemicals that appear in solvents, cleaners, and petroleum products. They can produce vapors that appear in your building’s air by leaching out of products that power your HVAC system. These compounds contribute to poor IAQ, and we can help determine if they’re affecting your building’s air quality at any given time.

Which Industries Do We Provide IAQ Services For?

We offer IAQ services for the following industries and building types:

  • Class A, B, and C: We can assess whether Class A office buildings’ new HVAC technology works as well as it should. We also repair and replace aging HVAC equipment in Class B and C buildings.
  • Data Centers: We ensure data centers’ air is clean and cool enough to keep its servers running well.
  • Healthcare: Poor IAQ in healthcare facilities could make patients even sicker than they already are. Our IAQ services keep bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants out of the air so patients can get well without any environmental impediments.
  • Private Institutions: Private schools need to keep their students, teachers, and staff healthy. We can inspect private institutions’ HVAC systems to ensure everyone can learn and teach safely and comfortably.
  • Financial Institutions: Financial institutions require employees to work at high levels to complete their daily tasks. Our IAQ services keep their workplaces comfortable and safe to encourage top-quality employee performance.
  • Legal firms: Legal firms may stay in the same buildings for long periods of time. During those periods, their aging HVAC equipment may begin producing poor IAQ. We clean and retrofit older HVAC systems to keep their buildings’ occupants healthy.

We adapt our IAQ services and solutions to fit each industry’s specific needs. We ensure your cooling and heating systems produce the right amounts of air for your facility and meet all relevant building codes.

Why Choose React?

Since 1983, React’s trained air quality specialists have been improving the air you breathe for a cleaner, healthier tomorrow. We provide comprehensive air quality services for businesses, data centers, healthcare facilities, and private institutions all over New York City. To see how we can improve your indoor air quality, reach out to React today! We’re up to date with ASHRAE Standards 90.1 and New York City code requirements, so the solution we deliver is within industry standards.