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HVAC maintenance is absolutely essential to ensure your system works efficiently throughout its entire life. Plus, an efficient system will use less energy, bringing down your utility bills. The number one way to reduce your repair costs is through preventative maintenance. The information below should act as a sort of checklist for HVAC maintenance.

Where HVAC Costs Money

Business owners and facility managers are always looking for ways to cut their costs, even if marginal. HVAC systems are a part of that critical infrastructure you simply have to keep working. Everything inside the facility is affected, so costs can quickly snowball.

First, ensuring that your system is initially installed by experts makes a massive difference for long-term longevity. If you happen to be considering a new construction project or need a completely new system, make sure you do your research and choose a trusted provider like React Industries.

Second, it’s critical that you have your HVAC provider conduct regular inspections and develop a preventative maintenance plan. There is always going to be costs involved, but maintenance is far less expensive than emergency repairs.

Cut Utility Bills

The first way for an HVAC system to incur additional costs is through inefficiency. An inefficient system is inherently operating in a way that the designers, engineers, and installers did not intend. Inefficient systems can eventually lead to higher repair costs, but you’re going to experience higher energy bills first. Dirty ducts and poorly maintained systems will inevitably raise your monthly utility bills.

The problems that cause your system to become less efficient can also cause discomfort and even illness for everyone inside. Mold, mildew, and even mouse feces can spread through dirty air ducts. These contaminants can, at best, cause people to sneeze and cough. At worst? You may incur additional expenses through greater use of sick days and lost productivity. 

Reduce Repair Costs

Without preventative maintenance and inspections, it’s likely that you will experience unexpected repairs. In a way, they shouldn’t be unexpected. You wouldn’t expect your car to keep running flawlessly if you aren’t getting the oil changed on a regular basis.

During an inspection, your HVAC technician will identify parts that are starting to wear down, catching them before failure. If a part breaks and the whole system shuts down, the repair bill could be substantial. Repairs and part replacements will be necessary eventually, but just reducing the surprise of emergency repairs can make a massive difference.

Extend the Life of Your System

So you’ve boosted the efficiency of your system and reduced the risk of emergency repairs, but you should know that no system can last forever. The most highly rated system with all of the efficiency bells and whistles will eventually fail, but there are ways you can keep your system operational. Scheduling preventative maintenance with an experienced provider won’t be free, but extending the life of your system by one to five years (or more) can make a dramatic difference for your budget. A few years down the line, a completely new system won’t be as damaging to your business.

It All Comes Down to Energy

We can use the word energy to talk about different things: energy bill costs, the energy you spend worrying about the cost of repairs, energy loss in the form of lower productivity. A well-functioning, efficient HVAC system is the antidote to a number of issues that plague the average office, home, or industrial space. Have your air ducts cleaned and sealed and make sure you are scheduling regular inspections. 

Again, nothing lasts forever, so you need to remain vigilant. Consult with your HVAC provider to ensure you are using the best air filters for your system. Overall, you want to maintain a relationship with an HVAC provider that you trust. Not only will they get to know the ins and outs of your system, but, if a problem does occur, the cost might not be such an extreme surprise. Have them come by once or twice a year to check in on your system and make sure it is optimized for the seasons.

An Experienced Local Provider

The team members at React Industries are experts in commercial HVAC maintenance. The average cost of HVAC maintenance can vary greatly depending on how your system was initially installed or how it was maintained in the past. React Industries can come by, take a look at your system, and quickly create a preventative maintenance schedule and fulfill any repair needs you have right away. Contact us today.