Recover Heat To Lower Your Energy Bills

Your Condensing Boiler Contractors

If your facility depends on hydronic heating, your hydronic boiler is a crucial aspect of your energy-efficiency measures. And if you have a condensing boiler, finding a specialized contractor that understands condensing gas boilers is critical to keeping your commercial facility running properly and efficiently. That’s where React can help. We have a team of fully trained and certified contractors who specialize in installing, cleaning, inspecting, repairing, and maintaining your condensing gas boilers.



Save space and simplify energy use.

Condensing boilers offer many benefits to provide an ideal solution for facilities of all sizes.

Why Use A Condensing Boiler?

By sub-cooling your flues gases, a condensing boiler system can recover heat that otherwise would have been wasted. That’s because a condensing boiler is a hot water heating system designed to recover the energy that is normally discharged through chimneys and other ventilation systems as waste. By removing as much heat from your flue gases as possible you maximize your boiler’s efficiency.

 Because condensing boilers provide such an efficient method of heating, they can have an efficiency rating as high as 98%. If you are looking to maximize your facility’s energy efficiency, a condensing boiler is a perfect place to start.


Condensing Boiler Preventative Maintenance

Every condensing boiler requires routine maintenance and condensing boilers generally need to be maintained at a higher standard than your typical HVAC equipment. That’s because condensing boilers produce condensation that makes them more susceptible to corrosion and dirt build-up.

Here are three quick tips to get you started on ensuring your condensing boiler stays up and running in optimal condition:

  • Check the manual: Most condensing boiler manufacturers outline maintenance standards in the boiler manual. Ensure that you are following the suggested daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance schedule that the manufacturer recommends. Additionally, many manufacturers stipulate that your boiler warranty will be voided if you do not follow the recommended boiler maintenance standards.
  • Assess site conditions: One fundamental factor to consider is the condition of your facility. If the condensing boiler operates in an extremely dirty environment, it will likely to need a much stricter maintenance schedule as a boiler operating in a cleaner facility. One of our experts can help you assess the cleanliness of your operating environment to determine an appropriate boiler preventative maintenance and cleaning schedule.
  • Schedule regular inspections: Because condensing boilers are more vulnerable to dirt, debris, and failure, maintaining a regular inspection schedule is necessary to optimize performance. You should schedule a new boiler installation inspection within the first three to six months of operation to ensure everything is running as it should be.


Benefits Of A Condensing Boiler

React Mechanical has helped businesses all over New York experience the benefits of installing or upgrading their condensing gas boiler. They’ve already saved thousands of dollars in energy savings along with benefits like:

  • Space Savings: Without the need for a hot water tank, the compact size of condensing boilers makes them more convenient for tight spaces.
  • Lower Operating Costs: Since condensing boilers are more efficient than regular boilers, their run time is less which means you pay less to heat your facility.
  • Simple Controls: Simple controls with standard heating options offer an automatic option for instant hot water production.

We are proud to be a factory-authorized contractor for Lochinvar and AERCO, with hands-on experience installing and repairing almost every condensing boiler brand on the market.

Whatever your boiler needs, call React Mechanical to schedule a consultation with one of our certified specialists.