What is HVAC Commissioning?

Commissioning from React Mechanical is the process of testing your HVAC system to ensure that it’s operating the way it’s intended to. We verify that your facility and HVAC system meets all of your future projects’ requirements (OPR) while helping you make educated decisions on the future implementation of a new or retrofitted HVAC system. By designing, constructing, properly operating, and continually maintaining your HVAC systems through every stage of the commissioning process, we can help ensure your system is the perfect fit for you and your business. At the same time, you can be confident that your HVAC is running at peak performance at all times.


Take advantage of our T.A.B. process to optimize your HVAC systems.
We take care of testing, adjusting, and balancing (T.A.B.)

Types of Commissioning

There are three different types of testing and commissioning of HVAC:

  1. Initial commissioning – During the designing of a new facility or adding a new HVAC system to your existing building, React will test for accurate information to choose the proper HVAC system for your building
  2. Retro-commissioning – The inspection of an HVAC system that is already in place in an existing building.
  3. Re-commissioning – After the initial commissioning, re-commissioning will happen to reevaluate their system and if any improvements in performance need to be made.

Commissioning Equipment Process

React Mechanical has over 35 years of commissioning experience and is prepared to help you get accurate answers to the questions you have about your system. After your HVAC equipment is installed, we take a thorough look at how it is running with a checklist that involves:

  • Checking the correct system and equipment is installed
  • Assessing the proper location of your system
  • Verifying construction and manufacturer’s requirements are met
  • Turning on the equipment and evaluating it during startup, shut-down, and operation
  • Frequent performance testing to ensure energy efficiency and optimal system performance
  • Measuring temperatures at critical points to guarantee consistent airflow

Benefits of Commissioning

When you partner with React Mechanical, we provide you with a holistic approach to commissioning your HVAC systems. Benefits include:

  • Uncovering design flaws early in the process when they are easier to fix
  • Reducing the chances you’ll order equipment you don’t end up needing
  • Smooth transitions during project handover
  • More efficient operations and maintenance with proper documentation and training
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Lower energy costs with systems that are integrated to work together

How Frequently Should You Test Your Systems?

The frequency with which you should test your HVAC systems will vary depending on your situation and working conditions. At the very minimum, we recommend checking your systems at least biannually. Ideally, you should test your system in the fall before the rigors of winter set in, and again in the spring before the heat of summer hits. That way you can be confident your systems are ready to perform even at peak demand.

React Mechanical is proud to help companies get the most out of their HVAC systems with a total HVAC commissioning process. Call today to accurately check your HVAC system with React.