Every commercial heating and air conditioning system needs HVAC repair and maintenance over time. React Technical offers HVAC maintenance plans to resolve periodic wear and tear on your HVAC units so larger problems don’t develop.

Commercial HVAC Contract Maintenance

Continual maintenance of your HVAC system is essential to the upkeep and lifespan of your system. Our HVAC maintenance contract allows for regular maintenance, emergency response, and preferred service status. As one of New York City’s premier HVAC maintenance companies, we use our contract maintenance services to help minimize major repairs, lengthen your system’s lifespan, and prevent future problems.

Planned HVAC maintenance is essential for keeping maintenance costs down, keeping your building comfortable, and using energy efficiency to work for you. When you sign a contract with React Technical, you receive preferred status. If there is an emergency, 24-hours a day, we will be available to help you. Our dedicated React Service Team are your go-to guys who help keep your system up and running. A service team consisting of a Service Coordinator, one or more Service Technicians, a Service Contract Administrator, a Field Service Manager and an Account Sales Manager, helps keep your system in working order. They’re all familiar with your HVAC system’s service requirements, so they deliver the maintenance services you need.

What Happens During HVAC Maintenance Most Frequently?

Every time our HVAC technicians visit your facility, they change out your system’s air filters and clean the condenser and evaporator coils. They also clean out the condensation drain pans. They perform these tasks during every maintenance visit because these HVAC system components can build up dirt, dust, and mold if left unchecked. Cleaning these components regularly is a good idea because it prevents contaminants from harming system performance.

Why Are HVAC Maintenance Plans Important?

HVAC maintenance plans matter because HVAC systems have many moving parts. Each of these parts, from air filters to blower motors, contributes to the systems’ performance. An HVAC system’s performance contributes to the indoor air quality (IAQ) in the facility around it, which contributes to its occupants’ health, safety, and comfort. HVAC maintenance matters because it makes your facility a healthier and more comfortable place to work, which in turn promotes employee safety and productivity.

Are AC Maintenance Plans Worth It?

Yes. Think about it this way: when you pay for regular maintenance visits from React Technical, you end up saving money that you would have eventually spent on major repairs. Our HVAC maintenance plans ensure that our technicians resolve your minor HVAC problems before they grow major enough to cause significant breakdowns.

Walk Through Inspections With React Technical

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist

React Technical uses a computerized scheduling database for dispatching and historical retention of all services performed at your facility. We also use a GPS tracking system to track the vehicles en route to your emergency or scheduled inspection. We have also implemented a complete digital imaging system for all service records that React has either worked on or has installed at your facility in the past. With this vital documentation of your HVAC equipment, design documents, and service records, our team of trained professionals has a complete service workflow to ensure a complete service event. No critical steps are skipped or lost. Systems serviced in this way offer a high degree of reliability outcomes, operational longevity, and significant cost savings from reduced downtime as a result of having this information at their fingertips; whether your dedicated React Service Team is accessing this data wirelessly in the field with tablets or in the main office.

React Technical HVAC Checklist:

  1. Check and change air filters
  2. Audit thermostats for proper programing
  3. System checks frequently
  4. Outdoor systems
    • Inspection of compressor
    • Coil and cabinet cleaned
    • Clear pans and lines of debris
    • Fan is lubricated
    • Refrigerant is recharged
  5. Indoor systems
    • Belts are lubricated
    • Burner is inspected and cleaned
    • Safety controls are tested
    • Duct system is inspected
    • Coils, pan, and lines are cleaned

All these maintenance tasks ensure your indoor and outdoor units run well throughout the year. Also, the thorough system documentation steps described above help us keep track of your system’s annual maintenance needs and adjust our maintenance services accordingly.

Do We Customize Our HVAC Maintenance Plans?

Yes, we do. We understand that no two commercial HVAC systems are alike, so their maintenance plans shouldn’t be the same, either. We tailor your maintenance plan to meet your HVAC needs. So we may schedule annual maintenance visits if that’s what your system needs. But if your system needs more frequent maintenance visits, we set those up to maintain your systems’ operations. If you believe your maintenance plan needs changes, we collaborate with you to discuss what those changes should be and how they help your system’s performance.

Improve Your HVAC System’s Performance With React Technical

Regular HVAC service and maintenance keeps your system clean and safe so it can operate at peak performance levels while maintaining and extending its lifespan. A clean, safe heating and cooling system operates efficiently and reduces your energy costs in the long run. It’s best to have your cooling system serviced in the spring and your heating system in the fall. We deliver spring and fall maintenance to ensure your system keeps your facility’s occupants comfortable throughout peak performance periods in summer and winter.

If you’re ready to develop a customized maintenance plan for your commercial HVAC system, reach out to React Technical today. We have the knowledge and resources to keep your HVAC system running smoothly throughout all the seasons of the year.