Analysis of Base Building System

Owning multiple residential buildings requires a lot of focus on saving energy when, and where, you can. React Technical can help you manage your buildings and their full HVAC systems. Our Base Building System allows for an overall look at how you can improve your systems and get them to work together cohesively. Many other aspects of your buildings have an impact on energy usage like walls, windows, roofing, and doors and these are all things that need to be taken into consideration when evaluating your base building system.

React will evaluate your entire building structure and give a thorough analysis of all your base building systems including;

Understanding Your HVAC System As A Whole

will allow for you to understand where your energy is being spent and how to conserve more of it.

Special Pricing

A base building system will enable your building to work for you, not against your budget. By adding easy to use software and hardware to your units, you can integrate all of the working pieces together to get correct analytics of which pieces of machinery are working properly, which need to be updated, and if any need to be replaced.

We understand the strain and attention to detail property owners, property managers, and building managers go through in keeping their buildings running with the proper base building system. Multiple commercial or residential building owners can take advantage of our special pricing and maintenance plans through React Technical to save extra money on having all of your buildings linked and serviced together. Call us today to see how we can help your base building structure give you the ROI you deserve.