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When your equipment begins to fail and you’re stressing about a huge HVAC replacement job in your future, it’s important to know that you have options. Retrofitting your HVAC can breathe new life into your system, boost its efficiency, and save you money. Retrofitting is inherently less expensive than a brand new system, and you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

An Aging Commercial HVAC System

While energy costs from utility companies have been rising and will continue to rise over time, higher rates aren’t the only thing responsible for higher energy costs for your particular facility. Have you been noticing your utility bills rising in recent years but you aren’t sure of the culprit? There’s a good chance that your HVAC system is on its last legs.

You have two options: Replace your entire system or retrofit it. If you can’t handle the large capital expenditure required for a replacement or you think you might be moving in a couple of years, the choice is simple. There are energy-efficiency add-ons that make a dramatic difference for your energy bill.

Get More Life out of Your System

Aside from just saving energy costs, retrofitting your aging system can extend the life span of your system by several years. This can buy you some precious time before you have to undergo a lengthy and expensive replacement project. Eventually, unless you’re moving soon, you are just going to have to replace your system. There’s no getting around it. But retrofitting is typically far more cost effective in the short to medium term.

Savings can come from unexpected places as well, like employee productivity. If you leave your system as it is, without any enhancements, energy bills are going to rise while comfort in your facility begins to decline. If your staff isn’t comfortable at work, you will start to see a major hit to morale around the office, which will almost guarantee that productivity will suffer. From controlling humidity to temperature, a retrofit will keep your building comfortable.

Retrofitting solutions often come in the form of retrofit kits that include equipment that is either designed for your particular system or engineered to enhance the function of a particular type of system. They come in a variety of sizes and designs; so whatever your HVAC needs are, a retrofit kit can likely accommodate it. Retrofit kits, depending on their size or complexity, should generally be installed by professionals, like the React Industries team, to ensure proper function.

A Smart Financial Decision

Retrofitting your existing—albeit aging—HVAC system involves only a fraction of the investment of a complete system replacement. Even if you are only aiming to extend the effective life of your system for a few years, you are likely to see a substantial return on your investment. Businesses typically see a return on their investment in only one to three years, especially when rebates are available through your utility company. If you are considering a retrofit, it’s a good idea to ask your utility about potential rebates.

Is Retrofitting Right for You?

At a fundamental level, it really doesn’t matter how old your system is. As long as it is functioning and generally in good condition, retrofitting can restore the efficiency that it once had. If you have been practicing regular, preventative maintenance to keep your system working, it’s likely that repairs won’t be necessary prior to your retrofit. 

It’s also important to note that although you can perform equipment retrofits on any HVAC system, you will get the most bang for your buck if your system is on the larger side. Think about it: A 10% boost to efficiency makes a much bigger difference for a system that handles the air for a large facility versus a small office. Similarly, if your system is operating for 24 hours per day instead of, say, six hours per day, you will see a greater impact on energy costs.

If you’ve noticed your energy costs climbing steadily, now might be a good time to consider an HVAC retrofit. The professionals at React Industries can come by, inspect your existing system, and develop a solution that saves you money in addition to buying you some time before a replacement. Contact us today to learn more!