COVID-19 and Photocatalytic Oxidation Indoor Air Purification

What is Photocatalytic Oxidation?

The photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process involves combining ultraviolet light irradiation with a titanium dioxide coated filter. Here’s how the titanium dioxide catalyst in an air purifier breaks apart molecules of air pollution:

  1. When UV light shines on the titanium dioxide, electrons are released at its surface.

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Refrigerant Phase Out

React HVAC follows all R22 refrigerant phase out regulations and guidelines.
What is the R22 phase out?

React Technical takes our environment and the safety of the buildings we maintain very seriously.

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Indoor Air Quality

Is the air you breathe safe? Let React HVAC freshen up your workspace. 
Don’t let poor air quality compromise your productivity

Your company should be an inviting, safe place for your entire staff.

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Preparing for the Seasonal Change

What to Look Out for as You Turn on the Heat

With cooler temperatures sweeping through New York this month, you’ve probably started hearing your heater click on more frequently.

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Your HVAC Company in New York

Finding the right HVAC company in New York can be difficult. With so many options to choose from, you need to make sure that you pick one that can meet all of your needs, whether you need HVAC maintenance, repairs, installation, or retrofitting.

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Commercial HVAC 101: What You Need to Know

A lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure that a facility runs efficiently and keeps occupants comfortable and safe. For example, HVAC systems are a huge part of what keeps the inside of a building at the ideal temperature.

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