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What is a Building Automation System?

When customers ask us about how they can maximize the efficiency of their building operations while saving money, we typically suggest a building automation system (BAS) as a great place to start. Fundamentally, a building automation system provides a single point of control for your building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Lighting, water, and window systems can also be integrated into the system to provide a holistic building operations solution. The system automatically monitors and adapts to variables like time, date, room usage, and environmental conditions to save you money. Keep reading to learn what else a BAS solution can offer your business.

Efficient Energy Management

With a BAS that automatically adjusts your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, your system runs more efficiently because it only works when it’s needed. An automated system maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes the bottom line of your monthly utility bills. Think these numbers are negligible? Far from it. A building with a well-controlled BAS can reduce heating bills by 15-35% when compared to building with poorly-controlled systems. If you’re concerned that rising energy costs may be holding your business back, investing in a BAS is an ideal solution.

Our BAS solutions can automate your HVAC systems to run based on the time of day, by facility usage, in response to environmental conditions, or on a more complex algorithm that responds to an aggregate of these conditions. The flexibility of newer systems allows us to tailor an indoor climate solution that saves you money while guaranteeing the controlled comfort of your facilities. While the initial up-front cost may be higher, an advanced BAS allows for more customizable operations that intelligently adapt to your building’s unique environment.

Extended Lifetimes

Beyond energy savings, a more advanced BAS also provides additional long-term benefits that save you money. By reducing the usage of your HVAC infrastructure during downtime, a BAS limits unnecessary wear and tear on your systems. In the long run, by reducing the strain on your equipment, you’ll minimize operating as well as maintenance, repair, and replacement costs. By implementing a BAS, you can stretch the life of your existing HVAC infrastructure by several years, lowering your bottom line so that you can invest that money back into your business.

Support Your Existing Team

Looking to maximize the potential of your building or facilities management team? It’s no longer worth the time to have someone track and manage your building’s climate systems. By implementing a hands-off BAS, you’ll free your building management team up to handle more critical tasks. Plus, a BAS even works holidays, overtime, and overnight when nobody else wants to.

A Holistic Solution

Beyond HVAC, a BAS can be built to work in conjunction with the other systems in your building such as lighting, water, windows, shading, and air monitoring. By streamlining these systems to work together, you’ll never have to worry about miscommunication between departments or team members. If you need air quality assurance, a BAS can be integrated with your building to maximize indoor air quality. At the same time, you’ll have access to a single user interface to control all of the elements that maximize the efficiency of your building operations.

If you’re interested in exploring a BAS solution that saves you money while helping your business run more efficiently, contact React Industries today.