AC unit covered in ice

Winter is almost here, and with it comes the possibility of HVAC emergencies. Let’s go over the emergencies that might occur and how to handle them.

Key Concepts

This post covers the following concepts:

  • Common winter HVAC emergencies
    • Heater shutting off
    • Strange noises and smells
    • Frozen outdoor units
    • Uneven heating in your facility
  • What happens if you don’t deal with these issues
  • How to avoid them
  • How REACT helps you handle them

Common Winter HVAC Emergencies

Your commercial HVAC system could develop any of the following issues during winter:

Heating System Shuts Off

If your heating system shuts off while you’re using it, you most likely need mechanical heating system repairs, because your HVAC should be able to run for long periods of time.

Strange Noises and Smells in Your Heater

If your heating system makes strange noises or emits unusual smells, it may be close to mechanical failure. In this case, call an HVAC professional to examine your system and repair any problems they find.

Outdoor Units Freezing

If your outdoor heating and AC units are frozen in winter, you need to thaw them so they work properly. Thawing the heating system is the top priority, but if you don’t thaw your outdoor air conditioning unit as well, it may not turn on correctly in the spring.

Uneven Heating

Does your heating system heat your whole facility evenly, or are certain areas colder than others? If your building is heated unevenly, you may have multiple HVAC emergencies on your hands.

One problem could be cracked ductwork, which leaks warm air into one area before it can reach another. Another problem may be that your HVAC system is too small and doesn’t carry enough warm air to heat your entire building.

Trying to avoid HVAC emergencies this winter? Find out how REACT Industries can help.

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What Happens if You Don’t Address Winter HVAC Emergencies?

If you don’t get HVAC repairs when your system starts breaking down, your building and your business could face serious problems. For example, if your heating system keeps shutting off and turning back on, your employees can’t focus on their work. Instead, they’ll focus on trying to stay warm. If your employees can’t work, your business can’t achieve its goals. Addressing winter HVAC problems helps you create a comfortable environment for your employees to stay productive.

How Do You Avoid Winter HVAC Emergencies?

The best way to protect your HVAC in winter is regular maintenance. Winter’s extreme weather often exacerbates existing problems in your system. HVAC maintenance fixes these problems before cold weather turns tiny issues into major catastrophes. Find a contractor that customizes their maintenance services to meet your facility’s specific needs. Then, in the fall, they’ll send an HVAC technician to examine your system and fix little problems before they grow larger in the winter.

How REACT Industries Helps You Manage Winter Emergencies

We provide HVAC maintenance services that make sure your HVAC system is ready for harsher weather. We can also help you prepare your air conditioner for winter, since it’s best to ensure your AC works properly before you turn it off for the season. And when HVAC emergencies happen, we respond as quickly as possible to get your system back on track. These services prevent downtime and uncomfortable working conditions during the harsh NYC winter.

Prevent HVAC Emergencies With Us

Are you happy with the way you currently handle HVAC emergencies? If you’re not, reach out to REACT Industries today. We can prepare your HVAC system in the fall so it’s ready for winter. We also stay available throughout the winter to solve any problems you may have, from tiny issues to major emergencies. Whatever you need, we’re here to help with our winter HVAC services.