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Is your air conditioner not working correctly? While you can handle many issues by scheduling routine maintenance services, emergency AC repairs require a quick response. Knowing what signs indicate you need emergency AC maintenance keeps you out of danger.

What Is an AC Emergency?

Emergency AC repairs require immediate attention to ensure the safety of those in or near the building, the equipment inside, and the building itself. Faulty HVAC systems can cause poor indoor air quality, business downtime, and product deterioration in temperature-controlled areas.

Air conditioning systems are prone to several issues. While always an inconvenience, it’s essential to know what problems require emergency AC maintenance and which issues regular service calls can handle.

When Should You Call For Emergency AC Maintenance?

You should strongly consider emergency maintenance for AC units when you notice something seems noticeably different. You should seek professional services if standard troubleshooting attempts, such as restarting equipment or checking circuit breakers, don’t work. 

Emergency AC maintenance often costs more because of its quick response time, the possibility of it being needed during irregular business hours, and the special skills required. Knowing the difference between problems that can wait and ones that need immediate attention can help you save money and business productivity.

The following are signs you need emergency AC repair.

Strange Odors and Leaks

Two of the most severe signs of a problem are the smell of gas or oil in the air and fluids leaking from a unit. Several heating and cooling issues can cause these conditions, but they are rarely harmless. Contacting your trusted repair service provider for emergency AC maintenance is strongly recommended. It would be best if you informed anyone in the building and, in most instances, cleared the area.

Strange Sounds

While some noises can be harmless, persistent and loud sounds indicate serious problems. Shrieking, banging, crunching, or thumping may mean your compressor is overworking. If you hear those noises, you should contact an HVAC specialist for emergency AC maintenance.

Poor Air Flow or Excessive Heat

In a commercial setting, poor airflow and excessive heat present especially problematic conditions. The reasons for poor airflow and unrelenting heat include blocked ductwork, thermostat problems, and total system failure. The longer these issues go unchecked, the more likely severe damage can occur.

Electrical Abnormalities

A clear sign of an AC emergency is abnormal electrical use. Suppose your AC system is causing breakers to trip or excessive electric usage. You would want to contact professionals for immediate emergency repairs. Electrical issues are some of the most hazardous problems a commercial building faces and should not be ignored. 

Ponding Water

If the drain line clogs, water begins to back up and pool. This can damage not only the air conditioning unit itself but also any products or equipment near it. Emergency air conditioning services can clear any drainage problems quickly.


If you need emergency AC maintenance, contact the experts at React Industries. For over three decades, we’ve provided New York City with quality work and quick response times. For Emergency HVAC service, call 718.392.3400

Avoid Emergency AC Repair with Preventative Maintenance

One of the most reliable ways to avoid severe issues and unexpected failures is to enroll in a routine preventative maintenance program. These programs schedule inspections that thoroughly investigate your HVAC system for damage, issues, and worn parts.

When professionals can identify minor issues early, they can fix them before they cause extensive damage that requires emergency AC repairs. Routine maintenance also helps your business save money over time. 

Well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently, which lowers utility costs. Extending the service life of your air conditioner is another significant cost-saving benefit. 

A detailed inspection is key to quality maintenance and should include:

  • Checking and changing air filters
  • Auditing thermostats for proper programing
  • Inspecting compressors
  • Coil and cabinet cleaning
  • Clearing pans and lines of debris
  • Ensuring fans are lubricated
  • Charging refrigerant 
  • Ensuring belts are lubricated
  • Inspecting and cleaning burners
  • Testing safety controls
  • Inspecting duct system
  • Cleaning coils, pans, and lines

React Quickly for Emergency AC Repairs

Whether you need preventive maintenance, routine repairs, or emergency AC maintenance, React Industries is New York City’s go-to provider. Our team provides industry-leading response times and expert solutions. If you think you need emergency AC repairs, don’t wait—React.