Bipolar Ionization Device

While the world searches for ways to fight the coronavirus, a decades-old process known as bipolar ionization shows it is useful, safe, and readily available.

What is Bipolar Ionization?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect people worldwide, ways to improve the air quality of indoor spaces have become a focus. Bipolar ionization technology uses proactive air purification technology partnered with existing HVAC systems to kill airborne viruses.

Bipolar ionization technology is introduced to existing HVAC systems to take in and filter oxygen molecules, convert them to high concentrations of positive and negative charged ions, and reintroduce them into the air. This ionization creates hydroxyl radical clusters, which attach to particles on the surface of microbes and remove hydrogen from cell walls. When this occurs, potentially infectious airborne particles, aerosols, mold, bacteria, and viruses are neutralized. This process is effective on ambient air as well as breath droplets that have the potential to transmit viruses.

Bipolar Ionization and COVID-19

Bipolar ionization technology has been around for over five decades and has been proven to effectively fight viruses such as avian flu and H1N1 in the past. Recent studies show that it is effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19. After just 30 minutes of running an ionization generator installed to an HVAC system, the air experiences a 99% reduction in a coronavirus presence.

As more research is done, concerns about how long COVID-19 can remain in the air and how far it can travel have increased. The coronavirus is known to spread through water droplets inhaled into the lungs. It is now believed aerosol transmission is possible. Simply put, aerosol transmission happens simply through breathing and doesn’t have to come directly through droplets. Keeping a high level of indoor air quality significantly helps reduce the spread of all airborne viruses, emphasizing the importance of bipolar ionization for buildings.

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Is Bipolar Ionization Safe?

The process of bipolar ionization is entirely safe. Hospitals have used bipolar ion generators for years to help mitigate the presence of harmful airborne contaminants. Previously, with older tube technology, ozone production was a concern. New needlepoint bipolar ionization technology does not produce dangerous levels of ozone or ultraviolet light. This process is environmentally friendly, using no chemicals, heavy metals, or mercury. 

When choosing a bipolar ionization system to install, HVAC professionals and building owners should ensure the proper equipment is installed and running correctly to present a safe environment.

Bipolar Ionization HVAC Installation

To improve indoor air quality (IAQ), bipolar ion generators are installed inside a building’s existing air-driven systems, such as rooftop HVAC units and furnaces or ductwork. Working with HVAC professionals to make sure your building has a proper ventilation system improves the air quality as well. Recent advances have made units cheaper and easier to install, making this solution even more attractive to potential customers.

HVAC technicians should be knowledgeable about bipolar ionization technology and should be able to explain the process to building owners.

Additional Benefits of Bipolar Ionization

Along with fighting airborne toxins, bipolar ionization helps improve overall air quality. Improved indoor air quality leads to healthier employees and customers. Healthy workers are more productive, and their sick days decrease.

Bipolar ionization reduces dust and mold particles, which means you’ll have less cleaning to do. Because dust and mold are so significantly reduced, it reduces the amount of maintenance required for upkeep. No filters or collectors are necessary with a generator either. The process also reduces odors by breaking down the source of foul smells. No artificial scents or cleaners are needed.

As a safe, natural, and environmentally friendly process, bipolar ionization technology uses no chemicals, heavy metals or mercury, and produces no harmful by-products such as ozone or ultraviolet light.

Take Proactive Steps in Protecting Your Building

With such a wide variety of air purification technology available for businesses to use in their facilities, it is crucial to work with an HVAC partner like React to find the ideal solution. Contact us today to get started on keeping your facility safe.