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2020 was an extremely unusual year for all industries. Since the start of 2021, companies in the commercial HVAC industry have been taking stock of what they’ve learned over the past year. Those lessons drive the HVAC industry trends of 2021. Let’s look at how contractors and their clients are using new HVAC technology in 2021.

Exploring 2021 Industry Trends and HVAC Technologies

As we move forward through 2021, several market trends have begun to emerge. These trends include:

Using Remote HVAC System Technologies

In 2020, many people couldn’t go to their offices or facilities due to COVID-19 restrictions. Because of those restrictions, they had to start using remote HVAC controls to monitor and manage their buildings’ energy consumption levels. For example, many commercial building managers and owners have started using smart thermostats. These thermostats connect to apps that managers and owners can access through their smartphones or tablets from anywhere in the world. With these tools, building owners and managers can lower or raise temperatures based on building operations and occupancy levels.

Integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) Into HVAC

The Internet of Things is a term that describes how digital technologies can now connect to previously analog fixtures and appliances. Smart thermostats are one example of IoT technology in HVAC, but they can be much more comprehensive than that. Remote building controls allow owners and managers to check on HVAC and other systems, such as lighting and security in their facilities from one platform or app. These controls help them check on HVAC equipment to ensure each piece operates properly. After a year where many people could not physically visit their facilities to check on building systems’ equipment, building controls seem worth the investment.

Improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor air quality is the measurement of how healthy and safe the air inside a building is for its occupants. If a building has lots of mold, bacteria, viruses, dust, and dirt in its air, it has poor IAQ. Contractors and clients have begun focusing on IAQ improvements in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. They began focusing on IAQ measures that would remove COVID-19 from the building. Even now, however, they install bipolar ionization, UV lighting, and other IAQ measures to remove viruses and bacteria from the air. When they install these measures, commercial facilities become healthier and safer for their occupants.

Increasing Focus on Energy Efficiency

Pandemic restrictions and concern over energy costs have caused many HVAC contractors and their clients to focus on energy efficiency. They have begun using the smart tools described above to examine how their HVAC units and equipment consume energy. Then they take steps to reduce energy consumption throughout their HVAC systems. Energy efficiency measures often create cost-effective HVAC solutions for the long run and decrease HVAC systems’ impact on the environment. All these HVAC trends have emerged out of changes to facility access and growing concerns over building operations’ efficiency and safety.


Can You Integrate These HVAC Trends Into Your Building Operations?

Yes, you can. Consult with a commercial HVAC contractor like React Industries to get recommendations for which trends to take advantage of. Your contractor can assess your system and let you know whether you need to focus on equipment-level energy efficiency, remote building controls, or IAQ measures. Once you know which trends will benefit your system the most, you and your contractor can begin implementing them in your HVAC system.

How Can React Industries Help You Implement These HVAC Trends?

We offer a range of services and solutions that help you implement these trends in your facility. For example, we provide audits and benchmarking to ensure your HVAC units and equipment use the right amounts of energy for their operations. We also perform control retrofitting to put the most energy-efficient controls in your existing heating and cooling system. What about building automation systems (BAS)? Yes, we install those systems, too. When we install a BAS, you can use its technology to monitor your building systems. Overall, we provide the tools you need to improve your building systems’ energy efficiency.

We also provide IAQ services and measures to make your building’s environment healthier and safer for your workforce. We perform HVAC quality inspections, duct cleaning tasks, and ventilation system updates. These services prevent bacteria, viruses, and other air pollutants from harming your building’s occupants. Overall, our comprehensive services help you generate energy savings while maintaining a healthy work environment and integrating remote HVAC controls into your facility.

Why Work With React Industries?

React Industries has provided HVAC services and solutions to New York City and its surrounding areas since 1983. We treat every facility we work in as if it was our own facility. We also perform continuous maintenance for our clients to ensure their HVAC systems run smoothly. When we perform maintenance on your system, we can assess it to determine how you can improve it with 2021 HVAC trends. Along with our HVAC services, we deliver top-quality customer service to develop relationships with our customers, and we want to do the same for you. When you partner with us, we develop your HVAC system’s performance throughout its lifespan. That development includes integrating new tools and technologies that appear on the HVAC market to help your system perform as well as it can.

Put These HVAC Trends To Work in Your Facility by Partnering With Us

Reach out to us today if you’re ready to implement smart HVAC technology, IAQ measures, and energy efficiency improvements in your commercial facility. We can deliver the solutions you need to improve your system with the latest HVAC technology and improvements to keep your building healthy and energy efficient.