commercial HVAC units on a roof with windows behind them

Learn how proactively preventing the circulation of unclean air can be a breeze. Keep cool this summer, and make sure your HVAC system is properly functioning before temperatures skyrocket.


Do You Have an HVAC Maintenance Contract?


Summertime makes each of us think of different things. As a business owner, the thought of this scorching season should prompt you to consider your commercial HVAC preventative maintenance checklist. While your place of business is currently set to keep everyone warm, soon enough, you’ll have to turn on the air conditioner. However, before you touch your thermostat, it is vital that you take the necessary measures to ensure your system is in well-functioning condition to last through the summer. 


When you establish an HVAC maintenance contract, you have access to the assistance and professionalism of a team of experts. Technicians perform due diligence on a regular basis, which will keep your business’ heating and cooling system operating in pristine condition. 


The Importance of Fresh Air During COVID-19


Prioritizing maintenance and cleanliness is more critical now than ever before. Regularly scheduled system check-ins also help protect all building occupants’ health and well-being since one of your heating and cooling systems’ primary duties is to provide clean air within your facility. Cleaning and replacing filters and ductwork as often as necessary is a simple yet customary practice that aids in the continual fight against Coronavirus.  


What Is an HVAC Preventative Checklist?


Heating and air conditioning technicians advocate for seasonal HVAC maintenance. Schedule a professional to come by before the turn of each season, especially prior to summer. Proper inspection of your equipment requires the technician to take inventory of its condition and gather information from you to make an accurate assessment. Factors including your system’s age, location, usage, size, and type help the technician decide what maintenance or safety measures should be taken. 


How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer


Here’s an HVAC preventative checklist for before summer is in full swing:


  • Replace filters
  • Check the condition of your system’s belts and pulleys, and replace them if needed
  • Audit thermostats
  • Clean the condenser and evaporator coils 
  • Clean the drain lines and pans
  • Check electrical connections
  • Test the operation of the fan and blower motor and adjust them if necessary
  • Make sure motors, bearings, and all other moving parts are lubricated 
  • Check for adequate air flow



Breathe in Clean Air


We can’t afford to disregard the significance of our air quality—especially during a global health crisis. It’s crucial to identify the ideal filter solution for your system, as this plays a key role in recirculating clean air. Proper HVAC air filtration substantially reduces air-contaminants. Take pride in knowing that your business is doing what it can to slow the spread of the virus. 


Many of us look forward to the summer, but to enjoy it, we must take the responsibility of seasonal HVAC maintenance seriously. Your company’s daily inhabitants deserve an environment where they can feel safe, no matter what the condition may be outside. Reliable heating and cooling solutions contribute to everyone’s mood, productivity, and comfort.  


Establish an HVAC Maintenance Contract 


The world may be enduring uncertain times, but one thing is for sure: we will prevail and get through this together. React Industries vows to be your leader in identifying best practices to keep you and your company healthy and safe. We proudly provide innovative HVAC services to help deliver top-tier protection. 


Team Up With React Industries 


When you contract with us, a dedicated React Industries service team is assigned to your facility.  This team will consist of a coordinator, one or more technicians, a contract administrator, a field service manager, and an account sales manager. Enjoy the convenience of 24-hour emergency response, a tangible record of your building’s history and what projects we’ve done in the past, and frequent inspections. We want to always keep you informed about your system’s upkeep and any repairs or replacements that your commercial air conditioner needs.