Take a Proactive Approach to Maintain HVAC Systems

Commercial HVAC systems are an integral part of many businesses. When they are working correctly, they are an afterthought that provides what you need. Most people don’t take the time to think about their system until something goes wrong. By then, it’s too late to avoid downtime for repairs or commercial HVAC replacement costs. In worst-case scenarios, you may need emergency services to keep your business going.

Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid HVAC problems. Having your system routinely serviced by a professional helps identify issues that could cause more significant problems. Catching smaller issues early has substantial benefits for the future

The Benefits of Maintaining HVAC Systems

Proper maintenance lowers both operational and unexpected maintenance costs. Having professionals conduct HVAC system assessments pinpoints areas in need of service. Addressing problems before they become significant issues will significantly reduce your HVAC system costs. It’s impossible to elude all commercial HVAC replacement costs, but each one you avoid is money saved. 

Much like taking your car in for oil changes and tire rotations helps make the most out of your investment, heating and cooling equipment maintenance protects your business. Faulty heat pumps, dirty filters, and leaking air conditioner refrigerant all make the rest of your system work harder than it should. Prolonged stress on parts leads to system burn-outs and failures. You can expect to pay far more in new HVAC installation costs than what it costs for decades of maintenance. 

Increasing your HVAC lifespan is another substantial benefit of routine care. The average life expectancy of a commercial HVAC system is 15 to 20 years. Every year you can avoid replacing your HVAC, you save your business money. However, not keeping up with regular care can decrease the life of your HVAC.

Well-maintained HVAC systems optimize their energy efficiency as well. Routine service such as patching leaks in ductwork or replacing dirty filters keep your HVAC unit at peak efficiency. The more efficient an air conditioning unit runs, the lower your energy bills will be. 

Preventative maintenance also ensures your building has the highest indoor air quality possible. Dirty systems blow airborne contaminants through ventilation systems and into your facility. This increases the risk of health issues for employees and visitors. Making sure vents and coils are clean helps promote the healthiest conditions possible.

When you maintain HVAC systems routinely, you save money, extend the equipment’s service life, and reduce the chance of needing emergency services.

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The Unfortunate Need for Emergency HVAC Services

Unfortunately, disaster strikes even the most meticulously maintained HVAC systems from time to time. When a catastrophic event happens, you need quick response emergency services. Downtime for your business means you are unable to perform operations, earn money, and serve customers. Having a maintenance provider that can quickly respond to your needs can make the difference between a small dip in productivity and crippling losses. Many preventative maintenance programs give priority to existing clients for emergency responses. This is particularly helpful when significant storms or natural events happen that could affect multiple organizations in your area. 

Whether widespread events are the cause, or your HVAC lifespan has run out, emergency services include:

  • Air conditioner repair
  • Water heater repair
  • Boiler repair
  • Thermostat repair

Sometimes emergency maintenance is needed when the signs are not as obvious. Here are things to look for that require immediate, professional care:

  • Equipment making unusual sounds
  • No boiler function
  • No warm air
  • Uneven heating
  • Water leaks
  • Gas leaks

React Industries Knows How to Maintain HVAC Systems to Save Your Money

As the HVAC experts in NYC, React Industries is always available to maintain your HVAC systems. Whether you need preventative maintenance to extend your HVAC lifespan or are experiencing an HVAC emergency, contact us today. We’ll assess the situation quickly, provide a solution, and get your business up and running again.