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Sustainability has been at the forefront of many trending HVAC solutions, but what happens when trends point to energy conservation? When it comes to improving indoor air quality (IAQ), maintaining effective IAQ energy solutions for your commercial building is a must. Not only do these solutions save you money and time, but they are also the most sustainable long-term option for your HVAC systems.

How Does Energy Conservation Influence Air Quality?

Energy conservation influences air quality by reducing the amount of pollution resulting from traditional HVAC systems. IAQ energy solutions can make huge reductions on your building’s greenhouse gas emissions and can save you money in the process. According to the World Health Organization, the main cause of indoor air pollutants are dated HVAC technologies. Upgrading and maintaining IAQ energy-efficient solutions are essential to keeping your building’s air clean.

Ionization Efficiency

If you’re looking to maximize your IAQ energy solutions, ionization efficiency is a great place to start. Ionizers mounted on HVAC ductwork release positive and negative ions, which can help to filter out microparticles in the air that are potentially dangerous to humans. 

After the rise of COVID-19 in the last year, taking extra precautions towards updating air filtration systems is a must. Although a virus alone is too small to get caught in most filtration systems, ionizers cluster them, so they are easier to catch and remove. Ionization is effective in attacking viruses before they enter shared spaces. This has enormous benefits for commercial buildings where many people gather, and it creates a safer space for all. 

HVAC Energy Conservation

Conserving energy in your HVAC systems is a great place to start in improving your IAQ. The fact is HVAC systems are responsible for a large chunk of commercial building pollution. Implementing systems to control their usage is key in finding IAQ energy solutions that work best for your building. Oftentimes, it just requires controlling the systems you already have rather than installing something completely new. 

Programmable Thermostats

A feature with many of today’s thermostats is the ability to preprogram them based on several factors, whether that be time of day, external weather, or general seasons. Note what times people are most present in your building, turning off major HVAC systems at night or on days when no one will be in the building. Measures such as programming a thermostat based on times when the building is populated can save as much as 10% in energy consumption. 

Strategic HVAC Allocation

Systems that can customize energy output based on the section of the building they are in are a must in IAQ energy solutions. A garage or warehouse has different needs than a cubicle office and optimizing HVAC solutions to fit those different needs will save time, money, and energy long-term. When it comes to IAQ, buildings are often not one-size-fits-all. Controlling heating and cooling in designated spaces can improve IAQ energy efficiency by as much as 20%.

IAQ Energy Solutions with React Industries

Your commercial building should be a safe place for anyone who chooses to enter. If you’re not taking proper precautions, your space could become a stomping ground for mold, mildew, bacteria, pollen, and dust from the outdoors. 

At React HVAC, we provide premium IAQ energy solutions for your business. Air quality goes beyond heating and air conditioning—proper attention to energy solutions maximizes the air quality of your building while also keeping costs for your business low long-term. Interested in how you can maximize the IAQ of your building without sacrificing energy conservation? Book an appointment with us today.