Rooftop Hvac Unit Installed On Commercial Building

Do you have a data center that must maintain a cool temperature to fight the heat that computer equipment generates? Do you have areas of an industrial building that get too frigid for workers in the winter? Using supplemental air conditioning is an ideal solution to address issues without running up your energy costs.

What Is Supplemental Air Conditioning?

Supplemental HVAC units are small capacity air conditioning systems used for heating and cooling specific building areas. The ductless units are installed independently from a facility’s central air source. 

As energy costs continue to rise, supplemental cooling units and heating sources are becoming more popular because they are energy efficient and easy to install. Supplemental air units act as localized temperature control, affecting only the rooms you choose. Rather than shutting off or running at maximum capacity like central air units, supplemental units adjust their compressor speeds.

Supplemental HVAC units, also known as ductless mini-split systems, typically consist of an indoor unit connected to an outside compressor through a small opening drilled in a wall. When used as a cooling solution, wires and tubing allow refrigerant from the outdoor unit to reach indoor fan coils. 

Electric heating systems address temperature control issues using heat pumps that circulate warm air into areas that a building’s central heating system doesn’t correctly distribute to. Supplemental heating units act as a dehumidifier as well, making warmer areas more tolerable. 

Benefits of Supplemental HVAC Units

Supplemental air conditioning presents numerous benefits to commercial buildings and owners. Ductless mini-splits are incredibly energy efficient compared to central heating and cooling systems. Rather than cooling or heating your entire building, you can use an eclectic heater or supplemental cooling unit only where needed.

Another benefit to ductless systems is their easy installation. Qualified HVAC professionals can quickly install supplemental HVAC units, often without the need for any business downtime. This is especially important for data centers that can’t afford to shut down operations while installing an air conditioning system.

Along with streamlined installs, ductless heating and cooling systems require little maintenance. Routine filter changes and inspections are all you need to keep your supplemental air conditioner working at peak performance.

Mini-splits also significantly improve indoor air quality. Indoor units filter out air, which helps remove dust and airborne particles from your office or warehouse. Because supplemental systems don’t have ducts, dust is unable to collect in the piping and ductwork

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Supplemental HVAC Unit Applications

While many people still think of supplemental air conditioning as portable air conditioners or electric heaters set up in someone’s living room, they’ve become popular in commercial buildings. 

One of the most significant applications is data center temperature control. Without a cooling system, rooms that house servers heat quickly. As equipment gets hot, it slows down and can even malfunction. However, the same can happen when the room temperature is too cold. Supplemental cooling units maintain a consistent, custom temperature to ensure your equipment’s safety. 

The air-purifying qualities of supplemental air conditioning are ideal for controlled environments. Businesses like hospitals, scientific testing facilities, and manufacturing plants with clean rooms require special attention to maintain pollutant-free conditions. 

Supplemental HVAC units are available in various sizes. You can purchase a cooling system small enough to handle a single conference room or big enough for large banquet centers. 

Supplemental cooling units or heating sources are excellent backups in case of a power outage or air conditioner failure. While emergency services are available, depending on the issue, repairs may not be immediately available. Protect your business, assets, and workers from extreme conditions with supplemental air conditioning.

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