How well maintained is your commercial facility? React can give your staff an assist or handle it ourselves.

There is no substitute for thorough facilities maintenance

It may be difficult to do if you are there every work day, but take a moment and picture your building from an outsider’s perspective. Do you notice broken fixtures, worn equipment, uneven heating and cooling, stuffy or hard to breathe air? These are maintenance issues that are easily preventable and they say volumes about your building and your business. Someone walking through your lobby or riding in your elevator for the first time tends to see small imperfections and maintenance miscues that seem minor individually, but when taken as a whole may be endemic to a larger maintenance issue.


Make your maintenance budget stretch a little more

The infrastructure of the typical commercial or industrial building is a complicated network of electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC equipment, among other things. To make matters more complicated, older facilities and budget concerns mean that simple maintenance of your common areas is more involved and needs to be done with fewer resources. When you hire React to manage your facilities, you have expert engineers and technicians at your disposal. Not only can we keep these elements functioning properly, but we can help you identify areas that need improvement and suggest ways to accomplish it without breaking the budget or disrupting your workforce needlessly.


Our Commercial Facilities maintenance plans allow you to concentrate on your core business.

A common thought when business owners approach basic maintenance of the facilities is that they are an expense that doesn’t have any impact on their business. It is approached as an empty expense because it costs resources that can be better allocated elsewhere. The reality is that by outsourcing the maintenance of your common areas to React, you have a budgetable expense that is a lot less than hiring your own in-house staff.  And lack of equipment maintenance really does impact your business because of increased equipment downtime and increased operational costs due to loss of efficiency. With React you have the skilled expertise needed to keep these common areas working better and lasting longer while you can concentrate on what brings in the real profits.