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Did you know you can enhance your building’s energy efficiency and cut costs by partnering with React Industries? Keep reading to learn more.

React Industries recently became an official NYC Accelerator service provider—but what does that mean, and why is it important?

The Value of NYC Accelerator

NYC Accelerator’s goal is to build a better New York. With helpful resources and expert guidance, they implement energy-efficient solutions to help improve the eco-friendliness of commercial businesses throughout the city. 

In 2020, NYC emitted 56.5 million tons of carbon emissions. NYC Accelerator is committed to combating climate change by lowering these emissions. NYC’s government recently developed a sustainability program to reduce carbon emissions by at least 80% by 2050—even with an ever-growing population. NYC Accelerator plays an active role in this program by providing:

  • Compliance support: Helping businesses stay compliant with local building laws and avoid non-compliance fines
  • Financing opportunities: Resourcing finance options for energy-efficient commercial solutions
  • Unique training and programs: Implementing low-carbon leadership and energy benchmarking
  • Free technical support: One-on-one expert help with compliance, upgrades, and financing.

These innovative and supportive solutions help minimize the overall environmental impact of large and small businesses alike.

But what does this have to do with React Industries?

React’s Impact as an NYC Accelerator Service Provider

Now that we’re officially an NYC Accelerator service provider, we can share their green solutions and practices with our clients to improve their eco-friendliness as well as our own.

Want to enhance your green solutions?

Partner With Us

Our techniques support higher energy efficiency and carbon reduction for our:

  • Building design
  • Daily operations
  • Construction services

Every aspect of our HVAC work must comply with NYC Accelerator’s guidelines and minimize the greenhouse gas emissions we produce. Other benefits of this partnership include:

  • Growth opportunities: We offer our services to companies interested in decarbonization, energy efficiency, and water upgrades and help our current clients with their eco-friendly efforts.
  • Competitive advantage: By choosing React for your HVAC services, you’re becoming a greener business. Many organizations value energy efficiency and want to work with companies with similar values.
  • Free training programs: Our team receives free training courses centered around energy efficiency measures, advanced techniques, and law compliance so we can help your business better understand the importance of NYC Accelerator practices.

Required Qualifications

To qualify as an official NYC Accelerator service provider, businesses/business owners must:

  • Be knowledgeable on the NYC energy market
  • Enroll in one of the following incentive programs: New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Con Edison, or National Grid
  • Actively engage with building projects in the NYC market
  • Provide details about their building projects
  • Complete an online application and provide the necessary documentation

Once companies are accepted into the service provider program, they must do the following to stay active in their NYC Accelerator partnership:

  • Complete orientation: An online orientation one to two hours long, completed by at least two primary representatives from your organization
  • Provide company information: Your company’s contact information, relevant services, industries served, and location preferences will be listed on NYC Accelerator materials
  • Engage with leads: Work with and complete projects for NYC Accelerator leads
  • Stay compliant: Comply with NYC Accelerator standards and local building laws

For more information on NYC Accelerator compliance and qualifications, click here.

React does all of the above to remain actively partnered with this organization. We value energy efficiency and want to decrease our carbon footprint, and this program helps us do exactly that.

Partner With an HVAC Contractor That Cares

Hire an HVAC partner that prioritizes green initiatives and saves energy while providing quality customer service. Becoming an official NYC Accelerator service provider is one of the many ways React is different from the rest. 

Make a difference in your community with our energy-efficient HVAC solutions. Contact us today to request service and get started.