Uv Germedical Lights

What Is Germicidal UV Light?

Germicidal UV light, also known as UVC light, is part of the ultraviolet spectrum. It makes use of specific wavelengths to inactivate viruses and kill mold and bacteria. Germicidal UV destroys an airborne pathogen’s ability to reproduce by changing its DNA and RNA. 

A germicidal UV light system can inactivate or kill as much as 99.9% of viruses, mold, fungus, and bacteria. When UV lights are installed in an air conditioning system, this technology becomes a germicidal air purifier.

Using Germicidal UV Light Systems in Commercial HVAC

Ultraviolet light is a beneficial technology and one of the most affordable indoor air quality improvement technologies available. UV-C light has two very distinct uses in commercial HVAC systems.

Germicidal UV light is used to maintain the efficiency levels of HVAC systems. Efficiency is achieved by preserving heat transfer and preventing dust and other airborne pathogens from building up on cooling coils, drain pans, and inner surfaces. Keeping these systems free of buildup reduces the need for maintenance and repair services.

The second way to utilize germicidal UV light for HVAC systems is air intake disinfection, which kills airborne infectious microorganisms as they are filtered. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become an increasingly popular option for those trying to improve indoor air quality at commercial facilities. 

The Benefits of Germicidal UV Light

Installing a germicidal UV light system in a commercial HVAC system provides several benefits for your business and facility. By disinfecting the air in your building, you are creating a healthier environment for employees and visitors. The technology helps kill bacteria and viruses, which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Germicidal air purifying technologies also eliminate microorganisms and allergens, which helps reduce allergy symptoms experienced by those in the work environment.

Organic airborne compounds can also spread foul odors throughout a facility. By installing a germicidal UV light system, the filtration process removes pathogens that are the root of the smells, eliminating odors. 

Because UV lights reduce the contaminants that build up in ductwork, they clear the buildup and improve airflow. This improved airflow reduces maintenance and operating costs and boosts energy efficiency. UVC acts as a dedicated cleaner for your HVAC system.

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Installing an HVAC Germicidal UV Light System

Retrofitting a UV light to your air conditioner is a simple task for professional HVAC contractors. Following a straightforward five-step process, you can start improving your indoor air quality, maximizing energy efficiency, and protecting the health of those visiting your building.

      1. Choose a UV Lamp Location

Installing the germicidal UV light system in the most effective part of your existing HVAC is critical. You want to maximize the effectiveness of the light to kill mold, viruses, and bacteria. Most often, the best solution is to install the light near the air handler.

      2. Drill Holes for the UV Light Install

The most active part of the install process is drilling the required holes in your HVAC metal cover to insert the UVC lamp.

      3. Screw the Germicidal UV Light in Place

The UV light is secured to your air conditioning unit with screws. 

      4. Power the UV Light System to Test It

After installing the germicidal UV light, plug it into a power source to ensure it is properly functioning.

      5. Change and Clean the UV Light Bulb

After installation, the only maintenance required is cleaning or replacing the bulb based on the manufacturer’s suggestions. 

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