Benefits Of A VRF HVAC

React Industries is always looking to implement cutting-edge technologies to streamline your system so you can operate more effectively and cost-efficiently. In only a little over a decade, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) has gradually moved from the eastern hemisphere over stateside, and now React wants to help you get the results you’re looking for with VRF technology. An alternative solution to outdated and inefficient models, VRF HVAC systems utilize less energy, requires less maintenance, and save you more money than previously thought possible with older systems.

What Are the Benefits of a VRF System?

Energy-efficient: No more wasting time wondering if your energy solution is costing you too much money.
Exact temperature control: With precise technology, VRF allows for optimal control over your entire HVAC system.
Simultaneous Heating and Cooling: Looking for that perfect temperature? With simultaneous heating and cooling, you’ll experience excellent control.
Heat recovery: Don’t wait for your system to update to feel comfortable; with heat recovery, you’ll be able to reach an optimal temperature much more quickly.
Flexibility: Perfect for any building, React’s goal is to identify an ideal HVAC solution for your building.
Easy to install: With minimal hassle during the installation process, you’ll enjoy quick, efficient service without having to wait or stifle workflow.
Sophisticated controls: With its user-friendly interface, VRF allows for simple control. No more fumbling around with your system, hoping that you’re pressing the right button.

Flexible and Energy-Efficient

VRF HVAC is a great unit for many of our clients. See if it’ll fit your needs!


VRF systems offer unparalleled temperature control and energy efficiency. With over 15 years of experience working with businesses of all sizes, no mechanical contractor is as well-suited to take on your next project. No mechanical contractor is as well-versed in the variety of manufacturers, installation procedures, and troubleshooting process as our team. We provide pre-certified technicians and take pride in the rigorous training and experience that all of our techs and project managers go through to make your planning phase and transition as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

Your heating and cooling system needs to be closely monitored to ensure optimum temperature control. With our comprehensive retrofitting process, we collaborate to find a perfect HVAC system that meets your facility’s needs. Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC systems are the cutting-edge solution to your operations issues. Call today to jumpstart your journey toward a more cost-effective, energy-efficient tomorrow. With our licensed and certified experts, you can be sure that your project is in the best hands going forward.