Just as a car needs an occasional checkup, so does your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. Annual preventive maintenance keeps your HVAC running smoothly and efficiently so the unit will be less likely to run into problems in the future. Forgetting or ignoring the need for maintenance can wind up costing you big time.  

Why Yearly HVAC Maintenance Is Necessary

Commercial HVAC service companies often offer clients annual maintenance services. This is usually covered in the HVAC maintenance contract. However, not every building owner takes advantage of this crucial service. This article will explain why yearly maintenance is necessary and how it provides beneficial cost savings. 

Reduced Repair Costs

As Murphy’s law suggests, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This includes your HVAC system. Your HVAC unit will likely sustain wear and tear over time, resulting in malfunctions that require commercial HVAC repair. However, regular maintenance can help prevent or lessen repair costs that arise from continuous use. 

Your commercial HVAC contractor will identify components that are causing problems and replace those parts with new hardware. Resolving the small issue in a timely manner can prevent that small problem from evolving into a bigger problem down the road.  


One of the biggest contributors to your energy bill is your heating and cooling system. An HVAC requires a lot of energy to keep a building at an optimal temperature throughout the day. This should come as no surprise, but an efficient HVAC unit requires less energy to perform its job than an inefficient one. An HVAC maintenance company can ensure your HVAC equipment is working properly and is energy efficient.

Extended Life Span

The average lifespan of a commercial HVAC system will vary depending on usage, but typically ranges anywhere between 10 and 30 years. Replacing an air conditioner isn’t exactly cheap. However, you could find yourself in this position sooner than expected if you don’t invest in a maintenance plan. As mentioned previously, through regular maintenance, your machine will experience less wear and tear as parts that are causing stress are replaced with new components. This can help extend the life of your system. 

Energy Saving Tips

In addition to keeping your HVAC running, a technician also may be able to provide insight on minor efficiency improvements your company can make. For example, they might suggest what air filters work best for your unit or explain the benefits of cleaning and sealing ducts. 

Commercial HVAC Maintenance You Can Trust

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