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REACT Technical’s vast experience in cost evaluation, coordination, project scheduling, and redesign; we are the preferred company chosen for many complex projects in the NYC area. In addition to our ongoing evolution of services that we offer our customers from mechanical, technical, turnkey, and engineering, REACT is continually striving for ways to improve upon our already distinguished services.

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  • “Just calling React and talking to the wonderful and talented Leah Levin makes using this company for any of your HVAC needs a pleasant and helpful experience! I wish there were more companies who employed people like Leah! Thank you!”

    Mandi R.

  • "Your service technician came and was great. I'm on the condo board here and I've seen similar work over the years but your guy was courteous, detailed and he exhausted every option until he was able to fix the problem. He also had great insight to what we should be doing with these units that other hvac guys never really brought up."

    David R.

  • Great job in helping us get over this challenging obstacle. Thank you for helping with all the coordination. Your dedication to our project speaks volumes. React is a good partner to Shawmut Design and Construction.

    Richard F.