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The purpose of your HVAC system is to create a comfortable environment for working or living. One of the challenges of owning any building or space is balancing the cost of heating and cooling against your budget limitations. You can take certain shortcuts to trim your losses, but at the end of the day, no one wants to sacrifice their comfort. A smart HVAC system with a higher degree of control offers multiple options for reducing your expenses and maintaining your preferred comfort level.  

Building Automation Controls Can Save You Thousands

HVAC systems typically account for 25% to 30% of a commercial building’s yearly utility expenses, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Finding ways to reduce your costs over the long haul can save your organization thousands of dollars every year. Energy management like this is performed through smart thermostats. We’ve all seen ordinary thermostats, but more modern versions offer more control options, easy-to-operate user interfaces, and smarter options for adjusting your heating and cooling systems.

Many modern thermostats will let you do more than just adjust the temperature. They allow you to program a schedule for specific temperatures at different times of day or on certain days of the week. This enables you to achieve greater energy efficiency on days or at times when no one is present. You don’t have to leave the air conditioning on all day or night. Instead, you can program your systems to be ready when you get there.

Commercial Smart HVAC Building Controls

Your HVAC controls are at the center of your building management. In the past, HVAC systems would run until the desired temperature was reached and then shut down. This required them to ramp back up when the temperatures dropped. That wastes energy and costs you more money. Calling React Industries for building automation controls will enable you to take advantage of the smooth power usage of automation.

The programming logic of automation keeps your environment at your desired temperature without that costly ramp-up and -down process. This provides energy savings and still gives you a comfortable working or living space. Another benefit of modern smart thermostats is they provide a central interface for monitoring and controlling your heating and cooling services. This makes adjustments easier to execute and simpler to plan.

Reduce Repair Costs With Modern HVAC Systems

You might be sold on modern control interfaces but still want to hang on to your existing HVAC system. Many smart controls can be integrated into legacy systems, but they function most efficiently with more advanced HVAC services. Whatever option you choose, your modern controls will help you stay ahead of costly repairs and breakdowns with more advanced monitoring tools.

When you invest in smarter controls for your HVAC services, React Industries will equip you with the tools to monitor performance and watch out for any incoming issues. Being proactive will help you avoid unexpected equipment failure. We have spent more than 36 years in the HVAC services industry. We’ve also kept up with the advances in these mechanical practices and the technology that controls them. React Industries is equipped to supply your organization with smarter HVAC controls.    

To learn more about smart systems and other advances, contact React Industries today.