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The technicians at React Industries are dedicated to delivering HVAC systems that offer high performance and consistent results. Our maintenance practices are designed to ensure the wear and tear of time don’t hinder your heating and cooling systems’ performance, and to help you identify signs of HVAC issues when they begin cropping up. If you’re not under contract for our maintenance plan or emergency services, you need to know what could be signs of trouble and how to deal with them.  

Know the Symptoms in Your HVAC System

You can always contact React for an appraisal of your existing system, and, depending on what we find, we’ll recommend repairs or improvements. Beyond that, you can look for signs in your day-to-day operations that will tell you something is wrong. These warning signals have varying degrees of severity, but all of them mean your HVAC isn’t functioning at its best. They include:


  • Irregular energy bills: No one likes higher energy bills, but if you see your costs going up suddenly without any substantial changes in your environment, you should look into it. This could signal a variety of problems. Whichever it is, it’s likely your system is working harder than it should and is drawing more energy than before. The same could be true if your energy bills are uneven from month to month. Ideally, your energy costs will flow with the seasons of the year.
  • A legacy system: The average lifespan of a modern HVAC system is 15 years. Pushing the limits of that life cycle might not make sense when you start seeing a drop in performance. HVAC systems are a significant investment, but you need to know when the time has come to cut your losses and upgrade to a new one.    
  • Leakage or puddles: Modern HVAC equipment is designed to prevent condensation or moisture. If you see any water damage, puddles, or significant condensation on or around your equipment, you can be certain something is not functioning at its best. This could be a sign of many different things, but none of them are good. It could be leaking refrigerant or just building up too much moisture from cooled air. Whatever the issue is, it’s a symptom that should be addressed.
  • Loud noises: Ideally, your HVAC system should not be making much noise at all. You might hear when it comes on or turns off, but noises beyond that are a sign of trouble. If you hear banging, clattering, or squeaking, you’ll know it’s time to call for professional services like ours.
  • Uneven temperatures: Your HVAC equipment is there to keep your environment comfortable; if you’re experiencing uneven temperatures, something is wrong. When we refer to uneven temperatures, we mean dramatically colder or warmer temperatures in different rooms or on different days. Uneven temperatures could mean a poor design in your air conditioning systems or a drop in performance. You’ll need a professional appraisal to diagnose the issue.

Get Ahead of HVAC Problems With a Professional Partner

All of these signs are good things to look out for, and you should be aware of the performance of your HVAC systems. Additionally, you can stay in front of issues like these with maintenance services from an industry partner like React Industries. We offer maintenance contracts to ensure the continuous high-performance of your equipment and to save you the trouble of costly emergency repairs.  

To learn more about what to watch out for in your HVAC services or to learn more about our methods, contact React Industries today.