What Does LL77 Mandate?

Make your Cooling Tower and Water Treatment solution simple—for turnkey solutions, reach out to React Technical today. Mandated by LL77, you know your water treatment plan has to meet specific standards. If you want the best quality service and to make your facility the best possible work environment, React wants to help. Minimize your chance of losing heat transfer, and maintain the health of your cooling tower. The water treatment of cooling towers plays an enormous role in the overall safety and success of your facility; React works to rid your system of corrosion, contamination, and other harmful deterrents.

Mandates from LL77:

  • Inspection – every 90 days
  • Testing – every 90 days
  • Cleaning – Twice a year
  • Disinfection – Using Category 7G pesticide

Local Law 77 Requires;

Registration of existing or new cooling towers, maintenance program, and annual certification.

Trust React To Do It All

It can be daunting to keep track of constantly evolving rules and regulations regarding your water treatment. React specializes in analyzing and adapting to new trends and standards that can make your water treatment obsolete. We work with your facility to find a specific solution that fulfills every rule and regulation all while we provide your cooling tower with a solution that fosters heat transfer and water treatment efficiently.

The state of your building and cooling tower correlates directly with employee productivity—if your employees aren’t working in a safe environment that’s climate controlled, you run the risk of hampering production and endangering their health. React wants to keep your facility running—we want what’s best for you and your system, so we can minimize risk and provide a cost-effective solution to you. We partner with qualified providers to deliver a system that’s perfect for your needs and keeps your facility humming and your employees healthy.