Make Your Building Smart

You may not be able to control how much your utility company charges you to keep the lights on and your building comfortable, but you can invest in your building to improve its efficiency and substantially reduce the amount of power needed to run it. An automated or “smart” building provides connectivity to all the independently working parts of your building to increase efficiency, increase safety, lower costs, and lower the environmental impact of all these independent systems. A true “smart” building incorporates an intuitive user interface and easy access to controls so facilities managers, the other valuable resource in a smart building automation system, can efficiently operate the facility.

A Building Automation System Can Give Your Building The Benefits Of

Lower costs, easier troubleshooting, and optimized security.

What Are The Advantages of BAS?

The advantages of centralized control of your facility’s heating and cooling systems, ventilation, lighting, security, and other systems are many, including;

  • Allowing for total control of HVAC and ventilation systems which efficiently keeps the climate in the building, or even zones and subzones in the building, within a specified range
  • Illuminate areas of your facility that are occupied
  • Manage and optimize a complex energy grid
  • Monitor and troubleshoot systems for inefficiencies or breakdowns, reducing the possibility of costly repairs in the future
  • Provide malfunction alarms to maintenance staff
  • Optimize security and monitoring systems

React Industries has helped hundreds of businesses like yours solve costly system management issues by either designing a new system or retrofitting an existing one.  We can custom design a building automation solution to significantly reduce energy consumption, increase overall system efficiency, and give you the control and monitoring tools to make informed decisions about the health of your equipment. Investing in a building automation system is a long-term solution to running your commercial building economically and lowering costs. Contact us for more information about how we can design and implement a customized, secure, energy-saving building automation system to increase the value and longevity of your commercial building.