Benefits of HVAC Retrofit

Older HVAC systems tend to suck energy from buildings and don’t help your building work productively. At React Technical we are proud to help improve your system so your energy is more efficient, your system lasts longer, and doesn’t require the expenditure of a whole new system.

Retrofits are a great option for many companies that want to save money on energy but don’t have the capital to purchase a brand new system.

  • Less costs upfront
  • Increased energy-efficiency
  • Lower energy bills
  • Extend the life of your current unit
  • Receive a quick ROI
  • Qualify for rebates

Our HVAC retrofit in NYC will help you focus on your business and not on the money you’ll be spending on an entirely new unit. We understand that this is a big decision for you and want to help you make the most educated decision for your business.

A Retrofit of Your Current Unit

Could save you thousands of dollars in energy savings and replacement issues.

Is Your System A Fit for A Retrofit?

Not all units should be retrofitted but many qualify for an update that can bring years worth of benefits. If you answer yes to these questions, your unit can be improved with a retrofit;

  1. Is your system in good condition?
  2. Have you had regular maintenance on your HVAC?
  3. Is your system large?
  4. Do you run your system continuously?
  5. Do your energy bills continue to increase?
  6. Are you going to keep your system longer than 18 months?

Our experienced team is prepared to help examine, estimate, and install a retrofit for your HVAC system should your system require one. Still wondering if a HVAC retrofit is a good idea for you? Call us today for a free estimate!