Condensing Boiler Contractors

Finding a specialized contractor that understands condensing gas boilers is important to keeping your commercial facility running properly. If your facility depends on this type of water heater fueled by gas or oil, efficiency is a very important aspect of your energy bill. With the condensing of water vapor, your system can recover a lot of heat that would have otherwise been wasted. React has a team of fully-trained and certified contractors that can help troubleshoot and repair your condensing gas boilers.

Save Space, Supply Reliability, and Simple Controls

Condensing gas boilers have many benefits that make them a great option for big and small facilities.

Benefits of a Condensing Gas Boiler

Many commercial facilities have found that a gas boiler condensing water has helped save them thousands of dollars in energy savings but also has other benefits as well;

  • Space savings – Without the need for a hot water tank, the compact size makes these more convenient for tight spaces.
  • Supply reliability – Using stainless steel prevents corrosion so hot water can wait until it is needed. There is never a wait for the hot water cylinder to refill so this is a great option for large buildings with a big need for hot water at all times.
  • Simple controls – Simple controls with standard heating options offer an automatic option for instant hot water production.

A gas boiler condensing hot water allows for your facility to have hot water at all times and keep your energy bills down. We are proud to be factory authorized by Lochinvar and Aerco as well as well-versed in any other condensing boiler brands. If you are searching for the installation or repair of your condensing boiler, call React Technical for a certified contractor.