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You may not realize it, but most of the things we interact with throughout the day are managed by data centers. This includes the internet, traffic lights, banks, types of entertainment, and more. Since this is the case, maintaining these facilities is crucial to preserving our way of life. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units play a major role in keeping the technology within these structures in working order.   

Data Centers and the Importance of HVAC

A data center is a physical location where critical applications and data are centralized. They provide organizations with network and storage infrastructure, as well as computing resources. These buildings are designed to house a large number of networked computer servers

Many companies—especially juggernauts such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google—rely on data centers for critical business operations. Without them, doing something as simple as Googling a recipe for baked risotto would be impossible. Since the equipment in these facilities is sensitive, it needs to be properly maintained to stay functional. It is particularly susceptible to environmental factors such as air temperature, contamination, and humidity. 

Air Temperature

You know how your computer gets louder when it’s performing a labor-intensive process? That noise is the fan trying to keep the components inside from overheating. As this happens, hot air is pushed out of the computer through its vents. Now imagine hundreds to thousands of computers, all in the same area, doing this at the same time. That’s why the biggest problem facing data centers is heat management. 

A cooling solution is needed in every data center to mitigate the enormous amount of heat generated by these machines. Cooling solutions can range from a chilled water system that pumps cold water through server racks to assembling server rows in a hot aisle/cold aisle arrangement. However, since data centers also don’t work well if the temperature is too cold, HVAC tends to be one of the most commonly used solutions.     

Clean Air

Keeping the air free of contamination is paramount to managing air temperature in a data center. Dust and other small particles that manage to evade filters can cause serious issues. This is why most data centers have rules on who can enter and what those people are allowed to bring into the room with them. This is another reason HVACs are commonly used. Thanks to their air filters, HVACs are able to reduce the amount of harmful particles present in the air.    


Humidity presents a unique problem for data centers. If the humidity in the room is too low, it could open the doors for electrostatic discharge. This can damage the internal components of the servers. If the humidity is too high, it can result in condensation, which can lead to corrosion and equipment failure. With an HVAC system, managing this balancing act isn’t a problem.

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