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Keeping your air ducts clean is one of the most overlooked maintenance tasks in any facility. Unfortunately, this leads to unclean air, potential health problems, and unnecessary maintenance costs. This post is designed to highlight some of the major concerns any facility manager and homeowners should keep in mind when considering their HVAC system and, hopefully, offer some motivation to keep the ducts clean.

Why Worry About Dirty Ducts?

When most people think about HVAC maintenance, they think of furnaces or AC equipment. Boilers, chillers, and other equipment are also at the top of vigilant facilities professionals’ minds. What many people forget, though, is the infrastructure that makes the entire HVAC system work: the air ducts.

The most important thing to remember here is to regularly change your air filters. Keeping the air that runs through these ducts clean will keep the ducts themselves clean, but eventually the ducts are going to need to be cleaned as well. Dust, debris, and allergens are unlikely to completely block the air flowing through your system, but they can reduce efficiency and put everyone inside at risk. Working with the professionals at React Industries will extend the life of your system and improve the quality of the air you breathe every day.

1. Reduce Contaminants in the Air

Indoor air quality should be near the top of your list of home and facility concerns. Your family, your employees, and customers will all benefit from the occasional air duct cleaning. Dust, contaminants, and toxins floating through the air present health risks that are entirely avoidable. Even with the correct filters in place, the ducts will need to be cleaned eventually. Contaminants can include everything from mold to pollen to mouse feces, none of which you want circulating through your space.

Some of the more obvious reasons to have your ducts cleaned are to improve comfort with reduced allergens in the air and to reduce the potential danger of disease breakouts. 

At the very least, dirty air ducts can cause musty odors you just can’t get rid of with air fresheners. Odors caused by mold, mildew, and other substances can affect the happiness and productivity of everyone inside. Sure, people can get used to almost anything, but that’s no reason to ignore offensive odors.

After cleaning your ducts, you could see a dramatic difference in your internal air quality. Clean air is one of the leading factors that keep people healthy. Sneezing, coughing, and congestion don’t need to be a part of going to work, and a regular air duct cleaning is a crucial step toward preventing negative outcomes.

2. Maximize HVAC System Efficiency

If air ducts are coated on the inside with debris, dust, or other contaminants, it’s likely that they aren’t operating as efficiently as they could. If you’re looking to throw away money, go ahead and let your ducts stay dirty. But if you’re looking to save, a clean system can operate the way it is designed to.

3. Enhance System Durability

Inefficiency isn’t the only factor that cuts into your bottom line. Unnecessary repairs can be incredibly expensive and are easily preventable. Regular maintenance on your system as a whole can go a long way toward reducing long-term costs, and it’s critical that you don’t forget about cleaning your ducts. The cost of maintaining your system is far lower than equipment repairs.

How To Keep Your Ducts Clean

First and foremost, it’s important to regularly change all the air filters in your system. Forgetting about even one can cause large sections or even your entire system to become dirty. If you notice that your family, employees, or customers are sneezing more than you would normally expect, your ducts might be the culprit. In general, it is a good idea to talk with your HVAC provider about scheduling regular preventative maintenance and inspections. 

Contact the HVAC Professionals

If you’re still curious about the benefits of home air duct cleaning, or you’re asking, “Where can I find a service for air duct cleaning near me?”—you’re in luck. Air duct cleaning companies like React Industries can leverage our HVAC expertise to offer air duct cleaning services in addition to all of our HVAC maintenance solutions. Connect with us today to learn more and schedule an inspection of your HVAC system.